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Dearly Beloved–Mother Nature is at it again. Houston is getting hammered with rain, while next door New Mexico and Arizona not so much. How long before the liberal Boo Birds start blaming climate change? (or have they) Unfortunately too many folks out there still believe all that climate nonsense Obama has put out in the past.

In my local daily paper there was a large photo of Confederate Soldier Robert E. Lee being taken down at the University of Texas campus because after all these years it was decided the statue was a symbol of White Supremacy and Neo Nazi. The American People didn’t feel that way in December 1941, when Japan and Germany tried to destroy the United States and Great Britain, so they could rule the world. (It took a bunch of white guys to win that war) See what happens when a great nation sits on their buns for too many years and changing many of their important priorities because the establishment wants their citizens to feel better. George Washington stated (in time of peace prepare for war). FDR didn’t pay attention early and We The People paid dearly for that. Obama ignored his duty at keeping America better prepared and paid more attention promoting social justice and now look at where we are today after eight years of excessive liberal government.

As a senior citizen I have never seen so much dissent and anarchy because Queen Hillary lost an election she was supposed to win. All the chaos going on since Trump won is paid for with Democratic funds that will not end. (an you can depend on it) Those dumb dumb’s still think they are doing a good job because their leadership tells them so. OK–How about smiling Joe B. and funny face Maxine W. on a Democratic ticket in 2020? (Who would you pick)?

Dearly Beloved–Have you noticed the Democrats are starting to resemble the Taliban going around tearing down statues and destroying some of our American Heritage that cannot be replaced? Also, the liberal press and news media has helped to create all this chaos because they support the Democratic Party instead of supporting America.

PVT South