According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The Eclipse has come and went while My Ole Kentucky Home in Hopkinsville KY was center stage with plenty of folks enjoying all the cosmic hoopla. Here in Derby City (Louisville KY) the Eclipse was not total but it was freaky when the daylight all of a sudden went dim. Can you imagine centuries ago when that happened, everybody running around going crazy, and you couldn’t even call 911. For those dumb dumb’s that missed the show there will be a rerun in 7 years.

A few years ago Apple Computer was gung ho on driverless cars, but they are now scaling back on that project because (that dog won’t hunt). When commercial drones start looking like taxicabs in Manhattan, their use may be reduced to Government only activity. (just how many is too many)?

The last thing Joe Six Pack needs is to win 100 million bucks, and the current lottery prize of 700 million is ridiculous. (A cute babe won that sucker, may she rest in peace) Lottery folks think big, but money is like manure, it works better when you spread it around. I would rather see 700 winners win a million, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

Jerry Lewis just passed away at 91, and he was a funny dude. I remember years ago when he was interviewed and stated that kids loved him because he never grew up. That worked for him but in politics all these liberal dumb dumb’s need to grow up. How do you become a Half Assed Country? OK–Just fill it up with Half Assed People. All this chaos and confusion going on is because Queen Hillary lost and they can’t stand it. Tearing down all those Confederate Statues that are part of our American History, so acting stupid would not get you many votes in the future or taking a knee during our National Anthem.

Dearly Beloved, once again, how about a Sound national ID System? Life in America is full of estimated figures, so it would be real nice to get some real numbers that government could work with.

PVT South