More than skin-deep services at Revital-AZ Laser & Med Spa

Revital AZ

CAREFREE – Sun damage. Not your skin’s best friend. Revital-AZ Laser and Med Spa can still be your new BFF as summer winds down. Not only can they help patients fight aging, recently owner Rosie Andaverde, RN and her medical director, Dr. Mark Biliack, likely saved a life!

Because all IV drip patients have vitals taken, the Revital-AZ medical team noted a rapid and irregular heartrate reading on a client. Biliack took measures to correct the situation, and it helped … temporarily. This had been an ongoing issue for the patient, and no one could figure it out. With the input from Biliack and Andaverde, there was a breakthrough and the client finally received the medical diagnosis she was seeking.

Revital AZ“We may focus on youth and beauty, but we’re more than skin deep,” Biliack quipped. Part of the depth includes concierge medical service. Patients spend time, one on one, with the nurse/doctor at Revital-AZ, which can be quite costly in other venues. It’s all part of the service at this med spa. “Patients can call any time, 24/7. Whether you get laser, Botox, hair removal. We’re here,” Andaverde and Biliack agree. “We are truly a medical spa, medically based, and that’s a bonus for our clients.”

Revital AZIn addition to the vitamin “cocktails,” a popular procedure is CoolSculpting. It zaps belly fat, freezes love handles, and now, the latest FDA-approved petite applicator targets flabby “bat wing” arms. If your goal is svelte for the not-that-far-off holiday season, ask for DualSculpting. It freezes twice the fat in half the time!

People are driving from all over Arizona to Revital-AZ. Keep in mind, they have one of only five PicoSure lasers (tattoo removal, photofacials) in the state. Visit to see all the services offered. Another bonus? Package deals are offered for the most affordable pricing!

Revital-AZ Laser and Med Spa is located at 7401 Easy St., Ste. D. For an appointment, phone 480-629-5776. See Facebook for specials.