All kinds of obesity

Steele Coddington

Whew! “What a world, what a world,” my dear departed grandmother used to say. What she meant, I’ve come to learn, is that there is an army of scum-bags out there who are anxious to “skewer” you for both your money and your beliefs and they now have the technology to track you down. I qualify as a target because of age and publicly expressed beliefs that America has to drastically limit immigration of refugees from Islamic countries that are prohibited by Sharia law to conform to America’s particular Rule of Law. Their mission is to change American culture to Sharia culture.

So to avoid harassment I like to fade into the comfort and reclusecivity of my ancient convictions and secret whereabouts. It’s easy to Google anyone, but I like to create confusion comparable to the confusion of liberal ideology just to stick it to them. I’ve changed my name to Ronaldo Reegan on my bank account. I was born in the “City of Brotherly Love.” They’ll never figure that out. Maybe because it’s now known as “The City of Brotherly Homicide.” That identifies at least 12 different cities.. My age is between 60 and 110. An inaccurate birth date helps discourage some criminals with a Harvard degree in computer hacking from identifying me as a proponent of Xenophobia.

Our trouble with immigration is that liberals’ intellectual justification for mass immigration, especially from the Middle East is based on Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses – etc, etc.” That’s their entire immigration policy – irrational, emotional and destructive to America. It is the equivalent of feeding an obese person more food because it tastes good. In other words, eat until you are totally overwhelmed by flab and weight. The only result is falling over and dying of obesity. It is caused by treating every piece of food as another immigrant. Continued over-stuffing of the human body is self destructive. Similarly, we can’t keep welcoming the tired, poor and huddled masses forever. The country can’t become the obese man who says, “I lift my fork and spoon and stuff my golden mouth.”

Everything has limits. Immigration is no different to a country than diet and sustenance is to a human body. Immigrants without limits is to a country perfectly analogous to the obese man who dies of over eating. We’ve seen what over population does in the wild animal kingdom. It causes losses of food, habitat and resources and causes extinction. A country’s resources are no different. Only so many numbers can be supported before the society is unable to sustain its culture, heritage, rule of law and sovereignty.

There is a new realization in the U.S. that our immigration systems can be improved and revised to benefit our best interests. It has started with the “Raise Act” (Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy) promoted by Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue. Write your legislators to endorse this Act as a good beginning to reduce immigration by improving the qualifications needed to be eligible.