According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Here it is Thursday and all the news is about North Korea and the Dumb Dumb that runs it. Russia has now taken a back seat to all the hoopla because the Democrats can only key on one issue at a time. Russia was never doing any serious harm to our Presidential election, but the Democrats kept running with that because that’s all they had. They still can’t get over Queen Hillary losing, and what’s wrong with the American people that voted for Trump. The only mentally challenged Congress person from California that will go off in all directions every time she hears “the Russian’s did it”. (Hello Maxine) We The People may find out in the future that the only group that was dedicated to interrupting the Presidential Election was the Democratic Party. Dearly Beloved–Can you imagine how arrogant and condescending the Democrats would now be if Hillary had won?

OK–For a long time I have considered China a much larger and stronger nation pulling all the strings in North Korea. Have you noticed North Korea and their Little Caesar continue to be in the news while China decides on how far to push the war envelope against the U.S. (that makes more sense to me)

For comic relief, how about some breaking news? Canada is preparing to invade the West Coast and take over L.A. and Hollywood. Spread that around the way Orson Wells did and pretty soon a lot of the liberal dumb dumb’s out there will believe it.

Just noticed the Catholic Church took another big hit about pedophile Priests from the past. The Pope will have to take a serious look at this ugly situation. Keeping your powder dry hanging around the Vatican can also be tricky.

PVT South