Assassination of foreign leaders

Executive Order 12,333 prohibits the assassination of a foreign leader. Let us take a hypothetical “Time Machine’ trip back to Germany in 1944. Knowing what Jacob Schiklgruber (aka “Adolf Hitler”) had done to millions of innocent victims, would it not have been expedient and moral to order his assassination?

Let’s take the return leg of our “Time Machine” to the present. North Korea’s demented dictator, Kim Jung-Un has murdered and starved millions of his countrymen, while keeping his armed forced well fed and clothed. He ordered his uncle’s execution, and the poisoning of his half-brother, to eliminate competition.

Let’s apply some Jesuit-style casuistry to the following scenario. General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC (Ret) our current Secretary of Defense, orders a Tomahawk and UAV-borne Hellfire strike at the next ICBM launching site attended by Kim and his senior military staff and simultaneously at the DPRK’s main communications facility. The intent is to stage a preemptive strike to neutralize nuclear attacks upon the USA and her allies, not to assassinate Glorious Leader, or whatever he calls himself.

There is a vast difference in social structuring between Asia and the West. Rigid societies like North Korea’s do not allow followers to exhibit any leadership or initiative. For example, the first officer of a civilian airliner would rather die in a fireball than correct the captain’s errors. In the North Korean military, there are no leaders; only followers. Conversely, in the West, a lieutenant will take over if his captain falls in battle; a sergeant will take over if the lieutenant falls; a corporal;, lance corporal, PFC, etc. will, assume command in battle. Not so in the DPRK’s military: unless ordered, a general will not assume command…and the order must come from Kim, the President-God himself. Cut off the snake’s head, and the body is paralyzed.

So, destroy the launch facility, and…OOPS! Sorry! What a misfortune for Kim and his senior staff to be vaporized! At the same time, destroy the communications net so the order for retaliation cannot be forwarded…especially since the order must originate with Kim Jung-Un himself.

Or, better yet, let Congress petition the president for a reversal of executive Order 12,333. Let’s face it; if Kim survives, millions of Americans and Allies will die in a nuclear storm.

J-P. A. Maldonado