Queen Carrie – 9/11

The reign of Town Manager Carrie Dyrek has begun. There is no way town council could have done better. Remember when the slate took over the majority on council, Carrie was willing to act as town manager after Usama was unceremoniously fired but instead the slate chose Rodney Glassman, a monumental failure. We still have an ex-slate member, Reg Monachino, meddling in town government affairs, only because an insufficient number of people applied to be appointed to the planning commission. It is critical that candidates for council other than dark side members run or we may face a slate again.

With Dyrek in the town manager position, hopefully until she retires, she needs a competent council to work with. So even though council and commissions are free of salary and thankless, the town can’t function without honest and committed citizens. Think about it.

The Washington “Sewer”

No matter what you think of the “Establishment” it appears to be all powerful. If you have investigated 9/11 at all it is clear the federal government had to be involved. That means George Bush and his administration were seriously involved. It follows that succeeding presidents and their administrations were too. But President Trump is not a politician; would he continue that cover up? I hope not, but the temptation to let that dog lie would be overwhelming. Can the federal government ever be trusted again? That event led America into war in the Middle East.

I explained in previous editorials how a friend was allowed to go scot-free by a lawyer, senator and an ambassador who was a fixer among other things. He clearly was a heavyweight among professionals in the Establishment. My friend was a millionaire, his boss was a billionaire and they were guilty of a serious crime according to front page claims published by the Wall Street Journal and distributed worldwide. However, after that there was no further mention and was probably smothered by the Establishment.

In my opinion 9/11 was the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the citizens of the U.S. I have friends who have studied the event and have no doubt the public was fed lies.

Enter something like “Was 9/11 a fraud?” in your Internet browser. There is abundant information on both sides of the question.

But better yet, I bought a book titled, “Where did the towers go?” The author is Judy Wood, PhD. She is uniquely qualified to study this disaster with degrees in civil engineering, engineering mechanics and applied physics.

Capturing my attention was this front cover statement: “Evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11,” It is well known that this technology was researched by Nikola Tesla.

Wood’s book is 500 pages of very deep and detailed information with both text and images. Her supporting evidence for application of the use of directed free-energy is sound and convincing.

Official explanations of failure of the twin towers due to airplane fuel burning steel support beams is impossible because of insufficient temperature of burning kerosene. Furthermore, the towers were designed to survive impact of airliners. Lastly, all damaged material was shipped overseas as scrap before it could be analyzed.

All of this supports the opinion that directed free-energy may have provided the energy for free collapse.

Other issues are more mundane. The Pentagon was supposedly struck by an airliner yet the damage size indicates a much smaller aircraft. There were no bodies or luggage found. Authorities claimed $2.3 trillion was lost there, that is with a T.

Flight 93 was popularized as heading for the White House but brave passengers fought the hijackers and the plane crashed. The claim by authorities was it crashed in an ancient coal mine and couldn’t be recovered, yet wreckage material was strewn over six miles.  No bodies or luggage were found.

The claim is that named terrorists were all killed, yet some are alive in the Middle East. In fact, no bodies were found, so what happened to passengers and terrorists?

Ownership of the towers went private shortly before 9/11 and there was a flurry of stock short sales. Who were they and what did they know?

Developer Larry Silverstein and investors Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre purchased the towers along with a requirement to clean up health hazards, such as asbestos.  Silverstein was quoted as saying “Pull it’ before WT7 dropped as if to indicate it was controlled demolition with explosives. He and his investors received huge insurance payments because it was labeled as a terrorist attack.

Who other than DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) has enough funds to complete Directed Free–Energy Technology as a working tool?