Media coup

In the eyes of the major media, voter deposed, Ms. Clinton and former President B.O., could and can do no wrong. Conversely, President Donald Trump can do no right. Chris (tingle down the leg) Mathews blind to the instant post-election improvements in America’s heartland, still praises Mr. O’s eight years of failure as victories. Even more vehement and vocal Rachel Maddow, that modern-day Tokyo Rose, snipes at Mr. Trump’s heels with such venomous lies and accusations to stagger the imagination. She looks to rally the rabid wing of the Democrat Party into revolt, good luck with that.

Not to be out done, the cry is now joined by Arizona’s own Jeff (aptly named) Flake penning an entire primer aimed at thwarting President Trump efforts at salvaging our flagging nation fortunes and saving our sorry apathetic asses. Little does the Senator realize his jab at the President will lose him more votes than gained. I for one have regretted my initial vote for him since he hooked his wagon to John McCain.

Having just returned from a wide sweep across our land, support for the President is broad and deep, just not as visible as MSNBC, CNN and the blogesphere. None realizing that their attempt at a media coup is failing because Mr.Trump was raised in the shark tank of international real-estate where a few yapping dogs hardly warrant notice.

Other than some frustration with those who should be allies, the President seems to be having fun. We wish him well and success with America’s renewal.

The coup, as most do, is failing.

Randy Edwards