Well, this is awkward

Senators McCain and Flake are publicly backing the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, a bill the Arizona Republic reports “is intended to hold accountable Backpage.com, a website accused of knowingly accepting ads offering sex with underage girls.”

That’s a little awkward for Arizona Democrats Tom O’Halleran and Kyrsten Sinema, since they were raked over the coals for accepting thousands of dollars in donations from the same alleged child sex trafficking scheme just a few months ago.

While Sinema struggled to dump the dirty money, prominent Arizonans like Cindy McCain expressed their disbelief that these calculating politicians would stoop so low.

Here’s the question: will O’Halleran and Sinema co-sponsor this legislation to “Stop Enabling” the very sex trafficking scheme they were benefiting from just months ago?

Ball’s in their court.

Jack Pandol

Regional Press Secretary

National Republican Congressional Committee