According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The stock market is up 4 trillion dollars since Obama was allowed to take The Yellow Brick Road back to Chicago, but you won’t hear that on CNN or any other liberal news network. What is so amazing, Trump did it without any help from the Democrats, the liberal press, the Republican Congress and of course, The Establishment. Can you ever imagine how much further America would be today if Congress had been part of the solution and not part of the problem? Still, some mentally challenged Democrats think President Trump’s policies will put them back into control of the 2018 midterm. Remember James Carville, The Ragin’ Cajun posted very early on, and everyone remembers (it’s the economy stupid). The stock market could now drop 1000 points and the Democrats would start screaming, but they won’t tell you how far down it must go to reach the last day of Obamacare. How about 18,259 and today 22,026 (Dow Jones). OK–you Hillary lovers, where would America be today if our Queen had won? Let’s see, the free world, the stock market, jobs, our borders, crime, and the economy stupid. When the Democrats lose more seats in the coming midterm elections, it will viewed as a mystery to some liberals in the press.

President Trump just came out and stated he was cutting immigration to the US in half. (Good) Of course the liberal left are outraged, but Dearly Beloved–immigration is not an entitlement, even though Democrats look at anyone coming into the US illegally as an undocumented Democrat. (that was the past) I would still like to see a member of Congress come out and promote a sound National ID System. Can anyone out there help?

Unfortunately, most members of Congress spend too much time fund raising to get re-elected and not enough on addressing good government for We The People. My old list for Congress to address comes to mind and number 13 was a real doozy. Give members of Congress super star wages to attract better people. Example, $100,000 per month.

Have you noticed the liberal press and the Democrats want the President to fail? If Trump fails, then America fails. (so have a nice day)

PVT South