Think Carefree Acupuncture to prevent pain and injuries before they sideline you


CAREFREE – “People are really active up here,” Jay McFarlane, DC said. “Which we love, because it’s part of a healthy lifestyle.”

It goes back to the saying – Motion is lotion. Keep the body moving and the joints work more effectively whether you’re golfing, hiking or horseback riding. At Carefree Acupuncture, Dr. McFarlane can enhance the nervous system through acupuncture, improve energy system function by way of chiropractic care and coach on nutrition to fuel the body the right way.

Typically, McFarlane sees active folks AFTER they’ve hurt themselves. And he can, of course, ease the majority of patients out of discomfort (often on their first visit), but what he strives to offer is supportive care to show people how to avoid injury. “Don’t think of acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition as alternative medicine but consider it essential care. Each treatment is like a spoke in a wheel,” McFarlane explained.

It’s not just about not hurting yourself. With McFarlane’s guidance, you can perform at a higher level, regardless of the sport or activity. His goal is to nudge people out of the mindset that so-called alternative medicine should be used as a last resort. For further optimization, McFarlane offers custom orthotics in his 11030 N Tatum Blvd. office, because feet truly are the foundation of many sports. So get them in good standing with a computerized gait analysis as a step in the right direction!

As a go-to wellness clinic, McFarlane added he sees faster healing of stress/foot fractures treated with acupuncture and cold laser. “We have great success with allergies and digestive issues,” he offered. If you enjoy being active and want to stay that way, the best thing you can do for yourself is give Carefree Acupuncture and Chiropractic a call at either location: 7518 E Elbow Bend (Tues/Thurs) at 480-488-9647 or the Tatum Blvd office (Mon/Wed/Fri) at 602-494-3037.