San Diego Unified School Board forced to reverse Sharia Indoctrination Policy

The below listed article, explains why a coalition of San Diego Patriotic organizations, families of San Diego City School students, San Diego registered voters in the Democrat and Republican parties, leaders of the Christian & Jewish communities, members of Veterans Organizations, retired Law Enforcement Officers, Women Volunteers In Politics, retired military personnel, and the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC came together to support The Freedom of Conscious Defense Fund (FCDF) Federal Law Suit filed by Charles S. LiMandri, Esq. against the San Diego Unified School Board to oppose its partnership with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to indoctrinate impressionable young students in the San Diego City Schools in Islam and Sharia Law.

CAIR was identified as an International Terrorist Organization and outlawed in 2014 by the United Arab Emirates . CAIR was listed by the FBI as an Unindicted Co-Conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Terrorist Trial for supporting the funding of Terrorist Groups. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), founded in Egypt in 1928, and its Front Groups have been outlawed and designated as dangerous International Terrorist Organizations by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrein, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia. Israel, Canada, and the United Kingdom are considering designating the MB and its Front Groups as an International Terrorist Organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, support ISIS, Al Q’ieda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and many other Radical Islamic Terrorist Organizations; they have been trying to install Sharia Courts in the US, in order to settle legal disputes under Sharia Law. The Muslim Brotherhood has been able to do install Sharia Courts in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, etc.; establishing Sharia Law in the United States would be a violation of the US Constitution.

CAIR formed a partnership with the leftist who they helped elect to the San Diego Unified School Board (SDUSB), to indoctrinate young impressionable San Diego students in Sharia Law and the Islam Religion. The SDUSB presided over the replacement of history books that once accurately spelled out the 240 year History of the United States. The SDUSB purchases new school books with corrupted version of US History.

The new US History books often criticize the US, eliminates courageous stories about the Founding Fathers, does not explain the background about George Washington who was the Father of the nation, does not provide details of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, does not point out that the US was the first country in history to eliminate slavery, that the US freed millions of people from tyrannical dictators, that the US returned lands it gained control in wars to the people of those countries, prevented the persecution of people because of their religion, empowered subjugated people to seek their right of self-determination, championed freedom of speech, etc.

The new teaching curriculum in Islam and Sharia Law was created, under the false guise that it was required to prevent the bullying of Muslim students. It was not necessary because there had been a very effective anti-bullying regulation in effect in the San Diego City Schools for many years. The Islam indoctrination teaching curriculum was in violation of US Laws and the US Constitution.

The Muslim Brotherhood formed many Front Groups to give itself cover while trying to establish Sharia Law in the US, by creating CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, MSA, ICNA, MAS, MPAC, IIIT, etc. Those Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups are all unified to stealthily supporting the establishment of a Fifth Column, to operate within US Government Agencies, similar to how the Communist Party did so in the 1940s and the 1950s. Over the last 8 years, Obama’s appointed thousands of members of the Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups to many very sensitive and highly classified positions throughout the US government (they still populate many agencies of the US government and should be removed).

CAIR’s founder Omar Ahmad stated “CAIR must one day dominate the US.” He also said “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam is the only accepted religion on Earth.” Linda Sansour, a convicted terrorist and mouth piece for CAIR, called for “Jihad” against the President of the United States, and said Muslims must not assimilate. To assimilation would be to support the universal principles Americans adhere to, by becoming an integral part of the Republic as immigrants have done for over 100 years. Sharia does not support universal principals Americans adhere to, i. e. support women’s equality, support freedom of religion, endorse American Patriotism, and support the US Constitution.

According to a Pew Research Study, 20 % of the 900,000 Middle East Muslim Refugees that Obama resettled in 187 US cities over the last 8 years, and their second generation off springs, refuse to assimilate into US society, like millions of immigrants before them have embraced the United States over the last 100 years. The Muslim refugees who refused to assimilate are fertile ground for Radical Imam’s, recruited from Pakistan who preach a radical version of Islam in thousands mosques in the US.

Over the last 8 years, many second generation refugees with US passports were recruited, funded to travel to the Middle East and Africa , and trained by ISIS and Al Q’ieda. Instead of immediately arresting those returning newly trained Radical Islamic Terrorist with US passports, they were allowed to reenter the US unimpeded for 8 years.

In Europe the Muslim Brotherhood established thousands of enclaves in many European cities, ruled only by Sharia Law where Sharia Courts had been established. Those courts ruled on legal disputes that occurred in the general population, including rendering decisions that affected Christians, and Jews, with final legal decisions governed only by Sharia Law, not by established civil laws in those European countries.

The Federal Law Suit against the San Diego Unified School Board, discussed below, is the first step in the list of actions necessary to stop CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood from changing public school teaching curriculum to indoctrinate young impressionable students in Sharia Law and the Islam Religion; the fight to protect American students and the US Constitution is far from over, and will require future vigilance.

Americans citizens should educate their fellow citizens about the serious threat Sharia Law poses to the governing laws of the US and to the US Constitution. We encouraged you to forward this Op Ed to those in your address book, in order to alert them to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal to teach Sharia and Islam in city schools, in cities across the nation.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt., USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

San Diego, CA