Aug. 2 – 8, 2017

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Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs: August is the eclipse month this year. We begin this week on August 7, 2017, with a full moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius which carries the symbolism of that which is good for everyone. The second, a total solar eclipse, occurs on Aug. 21, 2017, in the sign of Leo. That one will be especially notable, because the path of the eclipse crosses the United States, from northwest to southeast. I will write more about it in 2 weeks.

The world’s structures are so precarious that some may have collapsed. Whether global or personal, anything built on sand rather than solid ground, is showing cracks and signs of impending change. That means issues that have been developing for a long time are brought into the light. It is judgment time, for good or ill. In Chinese, “crisis” means “opportunity for change”. Keep this thought in mind if you are losing something you thought you needed. With hind sight, you may look back on this time as a godsend.

Aries: Uranus, the god of change and surprise, turns retrograde in your sign this week. This suggests that you may be backing away from a previous direction, opting out instead of opting in. This planet of individuation has one more year of traveling with you before it changes signs. If you are headed for a significant change in life direction, you will probably accomplish it next spring.

Taurus: Don’t allow fear and pessimism to interfere with your pleasure in life. If something is nagging at you, take a clear and direct look at it. Is there really anything there, or have you invented your own worry? The blues may be your companion for a couple of days over the weekend, but the cloudy time is short.

Gemini: An issue has arisen that brings forth your need to protect home, hearth, and family.

The temptation to overspend is strong. Consider what would be fun and interesting that doesn’t require a big expenditure. The most important gift is your care and love.

Cancer: At the beginning of the week you may be feeling stress related to your lover or a partner, maybe a child. Underneath it all, the issue is tied to your internalized sense of what a woman “should” do or be. Our culture has always struggled with images of the feminine. Is she a caretaker or a seductress?

Leo the Lion: (July 22–Aug 22) The Full Moon eclipse on August 7, 2017, occurs in the sector of partnerships and clientele. It is time to illuminate and define your relationships, whether business or personal. Attend to those who rattle chains and complain. Strike a more equal balance between or among you.

Virgo: In July I wrote that you are called to protect something or someone. You are the keeper of the flame for now, which means to hold up the spirit and show “the way”. It is a sacred duty for the present. Now you are called further to verbalize your care, whether that is in speech or writing. Do not hesitate to answer the summons.

Libra: Your open-hearted generosity may lead you to bite off more than you can chew this week. There may be more people at the table than you have plates to serve. Do not worry about what people will think. They are aware you’ve almost exceeded your limit of tasks to handle. It will all work out.

Scorpio: Listen to the Guardian, who speaks to you from the inside. This is a time in which your Guardian will protect you. It is sometimes hard to pick it out from the voice of Ego. If the Voice is flattering you, set it aside. That is not the true Guardian. The true Guardian offers wisdom, not criticism or flattery.

Sagittarius: If you have been channeling your energy into a project that has positive value for many you may be receiving recognition and applause now. Others are recognizing the value of your efforts. For many, this time frame represents improvements in a job situation or beneficial changes in job conditions.

Capricorn: You may feel compelled to raise your flag and promote your plans now. Do some self-searching ahead of time to find your own motive. If it is for the good of all, you will gain support from others. However, if you are really after a prize that will simply allow you to preen, let go of it. Your product or idea is not yet ready for exposure.

Aquarius: The Full Moon Eclipse occurs in your sign on Aug. 7, 2017. It is possible that you will reveal information that has been hiding in the dark. You may feel compelled to do so for the sake of equality. Check the lead paragraph for more information.

Pisces: The Sun is in an uncomfortable aspect to Neptune, your ruling planet. You may not be feeling well. If so, lighten up on your exercise routine and get some extra rest. Stay out of the hot Sun. You or someone else may be guilting you. Ignore that voice. You don’t have to prove anything to pay for your existence.

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