According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The Generals in the Pentagon told President Trump that transgender’s aren’t working out in the military. OK–our Commander in Chief came out and stated “transgenders will no longer be allowed in the military”. His statement I’m sure is pending, but sounds good to me. Of course the left is not pleased, but how many on the left have been in the military? PVT South was drafted for two years and looking back it was a great learning experience for a young man facing the world. I was in the infantry, meaning you are a combat dude spending most days on how to shoot straight or blow up things. Captain Tanno, our Company Commander stated that after training was complete we all would all be trained killers. What President Obama did to our military in just eight years was a sin. He was all about social justice and not about making the USA a number one world power. (and it shows) We The People are told that transgenders are about 3/10 of 1 percent of the population, but our military has 6600 on duty. Give me a break. Obama had to be recruiting transgenders to get that many in so soon. OK–Obama could have enough for a gay parade, but that’s no way to win a war.

Now put on your thinking cap. Where would America be today if Queen Hillary had actually won? You could start with the free world, the stock market, our borders, our military, jobs and the price of gas at the pump.

Will the Justice Department ever take a serious look at the Clinton Foundation, and I hope Sessions keeps his job. He was the first Senator to support Trump back when it wasn’t popular.

Keeping your powder dry in the Nation’s Capital is not easy and it comes with no guarantee.

PVT South