Dr. Devi offers oral sedation for fearful patients


SCOTTSDALE – Despite advances in dental medicine and warnings that poor oral hygiene can result in much more than just rotten teeth, people continue to be scared of dentists and often put off making (or keeping) appointments. “Oral sedation is a simple and safe way to get the dental treatments too many people put off,” Shreedevi Thulasidas, DDS, MS explained.

This is what patient Diane Griffith had to say on this very matter on Google reviews: “Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Devi. I was referred by my internist due to my heart-related problems and knowing that my gum disease could cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream and lead to blood clots, which I had in 2010. I’d not been to a dentist in 10 years. My fear of dentists was extreme. Do not be afraid to go to Dr. Devi. In one morning I had four extractions, a deep cleaning because of my gum disease, plus placement of a temporary bridge until I healed. Using an oral sedative, I had no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Devi. With her superior credentials, warmth, and an assistant with excellent skills, you know you are in good hands.”

Dr. Devi is more than a dentist; she’s a prosthodontist (having schooling in dental implants and crowns/bridges) with an additional three years of post-graduate specialty training after obtaining her dental degree. She’s even been called an artist for the way she transforms smiles in her Smile Design Specialists Studio.

If you need a cleaning, crowns, veneers, esthetic dentures or other dental work, Dr. Devi can accommodate. For an appointment, call 480-488-9655. Smile Design Specialists is located at 34597 N 60th St. Visit drdevi.com or log on to Facebook for the social media scoop.