The real story or the real questions?

don bitler

There is no verifiable proof Russia hacked the DNC or the election for that matter. Just as there is no verifiable proof the outcome of the election was altered in any way. Absolutely none! Furthermore, there is no proof President Trump colluded with Russia (or Russia colluded with President Trump) in some way to win the election. After all this time no one has come up with any verifiable proof whatsoever of either. Just a continuum of innuendo and false accusations. Mostly being pushed by the MSM with the help of the democratic party. It is suspected the information sent to Wikileaks was not hacked instead it was very likely “leaked” by a member of the DNC probably Seth Rich who was murdered and then the claim was it was a robbery gone bad and dropped by everyone including law enforcement. Even though it is obvious nothing was taken.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, also said it was not a state who supplied that information. Some say he has no credibility however, in over ten years nothing he has released has ever been proven incorrect.

That is just one more reason why they, the Clinton campaign, inserted the Russian scandal especially after they would not allow the FBI to search the computers at the DNC even though they insisted the Russians hacked them. Of course there could have been more reasons for such actions not yet reveled. There was a serious crime, or more accurately crimes, committed that involved national security and they forbid the FBI to investigate? And why did the FBI or congress not insist stating the national security issue? Exactly what they accuse President Trump of, obstruction of justice, is what “they” themselves appear to be guilty of. There is the question of did someone within the DNC either kill Seth Rich or have him killed by a professional? After all we do know he was murdered. Very likely someone was hired to do the job. Furthermore, they knew full well it could not be proven one way or the other that Russia hacked the DNC computers if they did not allow the FBI to check them for traces of hacking. Even if they had allowed the FBI to search the DNC’s computers and server there “may” not have been any proof of hacking discovered. It seems at some point the FBI director himself may have become a part of the coverup. If there were footprints found even that is not “definite” proof it was Russia. The proof could easily have been planted. But there could have been proof Seth Rich did send Wikileaks the information. In any case it seems something needed covering up within those computers and server. Then again Mr Rich’s laptop has disappeared from the DNC. How did that happen? An awful lot of questions here and no answers. Again, isn’t not allowing the FBI to investigate the server and computers obstruction of justice? It is either obstructing justice or a phony charge so which is it? Shouldn’t someone be asking that question of the main stream media as well as congress? And why did the FBI not insist supported of course by the attorney general and president Obama?

The progressive so called democrats may, at some future date, (in the not to distant future) wish they had not claimed a Russian scandal and then refused to allow the FBI to investigate it. However, it is now so far advanced there is no turning back. This it seems will not ever just fizzle out. All of these (false or phony) scandals are/were designed to take attention off the DNC and members of the democratic party and the Clinton campaign among many other things including but not limited to the Clinton foundation. It is working quite well. But for how long? Now it seems a Russian lawyer has surfaced and at first it appeared Donald Trump Jr. was discovered to actually have been colluding with Russia and then the rest of the story came out and it was actually the Obama administration along with the Clinton campaign and DNC who were doing the colluding with Russia. It also now looks like the Ukraine may have had some influence in this whole debacle. Much to the chagrin of the Clinton campaign!

Also has anyone ever asked why would the Russians want Donald Trump to be president when they already had a working relationship with the Clinton’s? That relationship may have started with the uranium deal and the outrageous speaking fees paid to former president Clinton which certainly gave the appearance of graft along with the very large gift to the Clinton foundation. . If in fact the Russians wanted to bring America to its knees why would they want a successful business man? Someone they knew nothing about for the most part. When they knew the Clinton’s could be easily bought off? They already had something on them and the Clinton’s were the ones vulnerable to blackmail because of it. Nothing about that scenario realistically makes any sense whatsoever. This definitely does not pass the smell test. Anyone who believes such a scenario is either naive, ignorant or perhaps both. Now along comes a Russian attorney who met for twenty minutes with Donald Trump Jr. who somehow makes Donald Jr. appear to be a criminal or someone he colluded with with Russia. But it was Attorney General Lynch who allowed her into the country without a visa I might add and allowed her to stay at least five months after she was to leave.

There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind what is going on here with the DNC, and the progressive so called democrats. It appears to be a coup of some kind. It is also no secret the communists have been trying to take over the US for nearly a hundred years. Consequently, it is no stretch of the imagination to consider the democratic party has been infiltrated by communists. With that in mind why should we not also think the republican party has also been infiltrated as well? Perhaps just not to the same degree. After all many are fighting President Trump on every issue. Issues by the way supported by the majority of the “people.” Or perhaps there is something wrong with wanting to Make America Great Again. The communists viewed America as weak under Barack Obama and they were correct. Also one more reason why they would have desired Hillary Clinton over now president Donald J Trump she would have continued Obama policies of weakness. However, now that President Trump has taken over that is no longer a fact and is very quickly changing back to a world leadership position. Consequently, it has become necessary to act now to complete a fumbled takeover. Fumbled by the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign.

One question remains however, why is Jeff Sessions not starting investigations to get to the bottom of all this? Why is no one hearing anything about what he is doing? All we have now are a few tangled facts. Aren’t investigations necessary to once and for all get to the bottom of all this?

There is very little doubt the deeper we go into the farce regarding Trump collusion with Russia we get to see just how far into the Obama abyss the democratic party has fallen. Or were they pushed?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we plan to deceive.”

Donald (Don) Bitler

Scottsdale, AZ.