According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–According to the USA Today 127 million Americans are breathing bad air, plus they show a photo of the Empire State Building during the day barely visible because of the pollution. OK–Manhattan is a small island but has over 8 million folks. The US population has more than doubled since WW2 to well over 300 million. So, how high must it go before We The People and the rest of the world start paying attention. Last year my son got off the plane in Beijing China and noticed how bad the air smelled and how half the Chinese walking around in the city were wearing masks. When the New York Times runs a cartoon showing the Big Apple wearing a mask then what?

As a senior citizen my opinions are based on my age, so has any member of Congress ever put forth a Bill for a sound National ID System? Most problems that need attention are based on estimated figures, so real numbers would really help. Would the Democrats agree to a new National ID? (NO) How about the Republicans? (A definite maybe) One benefit would be no need for a Census every ten years that has proven to be expensive and not very accurate in the past. OK–We know how many folks are in our military, law enforcement, schools, hospitals, prisons, sports teams, and that’s about it.

The Democrats in Congress keep running around like the Keystone Cops wanting to bring down President Trump instead of doing their job of promoting good government. In the dark ages when everyone was stupid religion created Gargoyles to scare the folks for whatever and now we have modern day Gargoyles doing the same thing and they are called Democrats. OK–Queen Hillary lost, and We The People are supposed to be a number one World Power, but that could change. Many Americans, especially the young have no clue what impact that would create for every American and the free world. Keeping your powder dry is a lot easier when your living in a Country that is a number one World Power–PVT South