July 12 – 18, 2017

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs: Mars is featured prominently in the zodiac this week. This planet represents the principle of raw, physical power. He is the original god of war and therefore “rules” knives, guns, surgical instruments, or anything that might cut, like a sword. He rules “attack” on any level, including that which is accidental. On the mental level Mars operates through will power and can press us to take risks and take on projects we might normally be fearful to try. On the emotional level, Mars can represent anger, the rush of adrenaline, and the power to carry through with our feelings. On a spiritual level, which is his highest principle, Mars is best used as a warrior who protects those who need personal justice. War, on some level may be featured in the news.

Aries: Plan to work and play alone this week. You likely will be feeling restless and generally tense. Your patience could be short and you might say things you’ll wish you hadn’t. You have a desire to break free from restraints. It is a short transit. Look for a way to handle this moderately. Heavy work around the home is a good outlet.

Taurus: Under your placid exterior lies a layer of desire which may or may not get you in trouble. It depends upon how you manage this energy. Make an effort to avoid mowing over others. Your drive is best used for protection of those less capable than yourself.

Gemini: It is possible you will feel a sense of fatigue this week. Maybe something has caused you to be disappointed with yourself. Don’t take the blues seriously or worry about yourself. In a few days you will feel much better. It is a temporary mood swing. Get some extra rest. Stay in touch with good friends.

Cancer: (June 20 – July 21) Drive and handle tools carefully this week. Your reflexes may be off center. Exercise judiciously. Listen to your body. You are likely to be edgy and irritable, thus making an accident of some kind more likely. As the week moves onward, you will feel better. Step aside from battles over ego or power. That is a poor use of your energy.

Leo the Lion: This is not the time to seek favors or special requests from the Powers That Be. And you are not likely to be long on lenience if someone requests help or a donation from you. Your attitude is practical and straightforward. He or she who asks had best truly deserve the requested gain or privilege.

Virgo: Vesta, goddess of devotion to the flame (spirit), enters your sign this week and will be with you through mid-September. She was one of the Vestal Virgins, whose assignment was to attend to the sacred fire. This represents a new development that requires your full attention. You may become the vessel of spiritual sustenance for one or more others during these weeks.

Libra: Your optimistic and happy attitude causes others to join your bandwagon and support your projects. You can envision a grand result and are able to express it in a way that others can understand. Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings. It will perk up your attitude.

Scorpio: Your warrior self is front and center during this period. The best use of this energy is on behalf of the Greater Good or another person who needs a champion. Use that energy with thoughtful intentionallity. Your reflexes may be off kilter. Ground your adrenalin with heavy exercise.

Sagittarius: This week an opportunity to expand your social life brings smiles. You may be invited to a party or you might meet someone new. This aspect is from Venus, goddess of love and creativity. The muse may be at your side as you produce a particularly creative idea or solution to a problem. Partners and clientele are verbally appreciative.

Capricorn: Life continues at a snail’s pace due to one detour or another. People seem generally uncooperative and it is possible that forward motion is thwarted by mechanical breakdowns or even the weather. Aspects become less troublesome next week. Everyone has a week like this sometimes.

Aquarius: Read the lead paragraph carefully. You may be encountering one or more people this week who have a war-like attitude. Don’t engage with them at all. Don’t allow others to drag out your defensive side. Ignore the ongoing yada, yada of the Inner Critic. It exaggerates and sometimes lies outright.

Pisces: This week brings an assorted list of trials and tribulations. Speak and act with conscious intention around family members. You may feel short-tempered and snap at others. It is possible that communications could go awry. Don’t allow a misperception to ruin a day. Discuss it immediately, if possible.

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