Democrat’s New Name and Odiferous Activities

Steele Coddington

It’s not unusual when an individual changes his or her opinion, or takes a different tack on any particular issue or Subject, but they rarely jump off a cliff. So when the entire leadership of one of our major political parties decides, like a herd of lemmings, to purposely jump the party off a cliff, it is newsworthy. Their apparent new direction would send a herd of rhinoceroses over a cliff. Not knowing who they were or what they represented because of the failure of their agendas in untold number of recent elections, they are seeking a new name, and a new ideology to guide them forward A new way to win elections, they hope.

The Obama Doctrine of Fundamental Transformation was an idiology that hovered under the sheets like a ghost. Whenever its reality appeared it scared it the hell out of people and they hid under their beds. Can’ t vote when you’re hiding from something scary.

To correct their losers path, they’re shaping courses of action they believe will strengthen their appeal. Their new idea is a more convincing ghost, one farther to the left promising more gifts to their base. Make it a friendly ghost, who wraps his sheet around you with freebees like increased numbers of immigrants, higher taxes on these bad rich guys whose healthcare plan will kill children and old folks. Increase the give-aways proposed by the leading radicals like Soro’s, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, and special ghost Saul Alinsky.

The Brain-Trust of the party, the DNC, tries to set the example with “follow me” revival meetings featuring “Rule by Four Letter words” shouted by Chairman Tom Perez and hand-holding by Muslim “Co-Chair” Ellison. This bevy of blockbuster brain washing bureaucrats will pave the new road to farther-left goodies and intensified riots. The increasingly radical agenda will be symbolized by a new animal – instead of a donkey, it will be a rat to display the new “Rat-ical” agenda.

The new rulers will continue to adhere to community organizer Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and probably revive some of his tricks on a national basis that were used locally, to coerce concessions from cities and local administrations. It will be more effective for Schumer to forget the crocodile tears and use Alinsky’s famous “Fart-in.” Alinsky threatened Rochester, N.Y. that if he didn’t get some concessions wanted by one of his community organizer groups that they would stage a “Fart-in” at the Rochester

Philharmonic orchestra concert.

His group members would consume huge quantities of baked beans, after which they would move their music-loving bodies into the concert hall where they would aim and expel gaseous vapors with such noisy velocity it would drown out the woodwinds. Soon after that he threatened a “Pee-in” (he used the “ss” word) in Chicago at O’Hare airport. His group would occupy all the urinals in every restroom so that no one else could use them. That trick brought the city to his bargaining table. These tricks are classier than riots and personal injury and would improve Schumer and Perez’s reputations.

There is a secret Russian leak reported that Senate Minority leader Schumer might add a new Alinsky trick to their repertoire to force Republicans to totally restore Obamacare as their health care plan. It will involve a “Poo-in” at local D.C. hospitals. The “Poo” in their plan is the acronym for their new party name: “Progressives for Odorous Oppression.” In truth, it does have an air about it. Exactly what activity the “Poo-in” will take is up to Schumer, Sanders, Pelosi and the DNC, but they’ve been actively shoveling it for the past eight years.