June 28, 2017

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs: Many people will be on edge, mouthy, and cranky this week. Try not to join them because it will only generate ill will and few will listen. Drive very carefully because the accelerator foot will be itchy, whether that be yours or others. If you feel compelled to say your piece, make an effort to breathe first, then write down talking points so you will not be dragged off topic into a battle of wills. We can easily identify our ideas as ourselves. Ideas are of the mind. They may be our possessions, but they are not who we are.

Aries: Tension is high. The Powers that Be in your career life are definitely in charge. Progress can be made only through persuasion and even that may not help. Don’t succumb to anger or you will have lost your case entirely. You could be tempted to displace your anger onto others. You know that is not fair or productive. Peel yourself off the wall and wait for a better moment.

Taurus: During this period you may be struggling with two images of relatedness. One is the nurturing, mothering type and the other is more sexual and/or intellectual. This conflict might be symbolized by home/family versus partners/lovers. Somehow it is a challenge for humans to be conscious of both nurture and sexuality. Set aside decisions on this until you find a “right” solution.

Gemini: Your mind is restless and easily bored this week, so find a variety of interesting things for entertainment. You are feeling independent and you may want more alone time than is the norm. Sometimes we just need to see different surroundings. If you have these symptoms, try a brief weekend trip. Ground your nervous energy by exercising to avoid the jitters.

Cancer: (June 20 – July 21) Use extreme caution when dealing with any situation that is potentially volatile. Do not use force to accomplish your means now or it will be used against you. Be wary of parking places that might change character after dark. The energy in your field is best used in clean and honest competition, whether with yourself or someone else.

Leo the Lion: It’s important that you be aware that your thinking is not as objective as you believe. Listen when others tell you their attitudes and opinions. You do not have to adopt them, but don’t reject what they say out of hand. Try to think carefully before assuming you are the only one who knows the right answers.

Virgo: You want answers and you may insist on having them right now, in spite of the fact that you are irritating the person who has the answer. Alternatively, you may be brooding over a child or a lover. Be aware that aspects are causing this to happen and try to let go. You know that obsessive thinking wastes your time and energy.

Libra: You may be feeling at odds with yourself or others in your daily life. Don’t rush yourself into action here. Perhaps it is better if you discuss this issue with a trusted person. You may need an alternative perspective. Remain conservative with your money. You are tempted to overspend.

Scorpio: You could become embroiled in a battle of wills over who is right. In order to steer clear of a war, remain aware that the subject matter is merely what you think, not who you are. You have the controlling word in any battle. Use it ethically and don’t blow away your opponent. Drive and handle tools carefully.

Sagittarius: This is not your best week. There is interference in timing and forward motion that that you cannot control. You are pressured to “hurry up and wait”. These things happen every now and then in life. It is easier to calm yourself and accept the situation.

Capricorn: You may be so bent on accomplishing something or getting your needs met that you roll over everyone around you. This is a sample of Pluto’s power in your sign. Concentrate on the issues at hand and do not set up a battleground over egos that no one will win. You have a hot topic there. It may be more workable later when you are less identified with what you think.

Aquarius: You may feel trapped by a variety of circumstances over which you have no control. At times like these, we can only move in baby steps. You are not at fault here. Avoid the blame game, even if you are only talking to yourself. How were you supposed to know how things would develop?

Pisces: It is possible that you are not feeling well this week. You may be subject to allergy symptoms that keep you subdued. Your self-talk is likely to be on the dark side and mainly due to your fears for the future. The Inner Critic is not in touch with the whole truth even though it feels real enough to you. It mainly has a loud voice which you can choose to ignore.

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