Agents serve search warrant at No Mas Muertes Camp

TUCSON – U.S. Border Patrol agents using surveillance technology detected four suspected illegal aliens wearing camouflage and walking north on a known smuggling route. Other agents then tracked the group to the No Mas Muertes Camp near Arivaca but did not find foot sign of the individuals leaving the camp.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol reached out to No Mas Muertes Camp representatives to continue a positive working relationship and resolve the situation amicably. The talks, however, were unsuccessful.

As a result, the Border Patrol was compelled to seek a search warrant to question the four suspected illegal aliens as to their citizenship and legal right to be present in the United States. Subsequent to serving the warrant and conducting a search of the camp, four illegally present Mexican nationals were arrested for immigration violations.

A month prior, a similar incident occurred involving eight individuals detected going into the No Mas Muertes camp. Successful negotiations in that incident resulted in the surrender of eight individuals who were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents without incident. Once in Border Patrol custody, it was determined that two of the illegal aliens had prior significant criminal records in the United States and another two required additional medical care at a local hospital.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol wants to stress the dangers of illegally crossing the border. If anyone needs help, the Border Patrol advises them to call 9-1-1 immediately as delays could result in loss of life.

Customs and Border Protection welcomes assistance from the community. Citizens can report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol by calling 1-877-872-7435 toll free. All calls will be answered and remain anonymous.