According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–A good ole boy living in his van in Washington DC, who was a big Bernie Sanders supporter couldn’t stand it any longer and asked if the men practicing ball were Republicans. Unfortunately the answer was yes. So he went back and got his deer rifle and started shooting at the players. He singled out Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, from Louisiana, who he detested and severely wounded him. (now in critical condition) The shooter was 66 year old James Hodgkinson who had a police record and is now dead, but early on he posted “Trump has destroyed our democracy” and “it’s time to destroy Trump and company”. OK–The USA Today had a headline “Attack stuns Washington” really, with a steady flow of rhetoric coming from the Democrats the press and entertainment media, why would it be such a surprise? Time to get a grip–after eight years of Obama and two years of Queen Hillary campaigning to be President the United States has become a half assed country. It was obvious right after Hillary lost the race she was supposed to have won. Remember the ugly outburst at Berkeley, the fire and destruction, the teachers and students all because their Queen had lost. Don’t forget the stupid female comedian with a severed head of a Trump look alike. The shooter was an avid fan of liberal TV news, so he certainly would have seen it. (more fodder for the dummies out there)

Years ago a famous newspaper cartoon character called Pogo was sent out to find the enemy and upon returning he reported “I found the enemy and the enemy is us”. Dearly beloved–that sounds like the Democratic Party. OK–Now the politically confused must be thinking how do you become a half assed country after all these years? Simple Dearly Beloved–You just fill it full of half assed people.

OK–The Bill Cosby trial–He said– she said. Bill, if you are innocent according to your lawyers just take three simple polygraph tests. Pass the three and you can go home. Now that’s how you keep your powder dry.

PVT South