Where Have All the Student Flowers Gone?

Steele Coddington

Just hearing reports on the events roiling up the campus at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington makes me wonder about so many bastions of higher education. What are the students learning? Are they ALL sick with the same liberal disease? They appear to have become breeding grounds for the practice of group-think and rejection of individual thought. The student body as a whole seems to be willing to surrender to the inquisition involving control of thought and speech. One group wants their idiotic ideology to be the rule. That group huddled over there demands fulfillment of their special “Rights.” Or that other bunch wants their “victim-hood” fixed. The only similarity is the resort to coercion – “Hey you, join our protest or we’ll beat you up!”

One professor at Evergreen was all but pilloried and demeaned because he refused to be forced to conform to the annual event called the “Day of Absence.” Previously , on that day, all students and faculty of color were asked to leave campus for thought and talks elsewhere about sensitivity, inequality, diversity and other liberal issues. But this year, after the Trump election the organizers of the event determined that white students and faculty should be the ones to go off campus on the “Day of Absence.” One white professor objected. His reason? The affair amounted to “A show of force and an act of suppression” because, “On a college campus, one’s right to speak – or to be -must never be based on skin color.” The “Group” of people disagreeing with the professor converged on him like pigeons fighting over a loaf of bread. Evergreen College is known as one of the most liberal colleges in the U.S. so its students are experts at victim-hood or sensitivity or cultural appropriation or you name it.

Sad to see such group anger, injustice and tears of remorse from the students reaching the equivalence of the severance of their umbilical cords. Maybe instead of anger and disturbance they need the comfort of some liberal music from one of their own great liberals to calm their tempers. So we’ve suggested Pete Seegar’s great folk song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” and have added a new verse with which they can identify:

– “Where have all the student flowers gone?

– Brain-washed by professors every one.

– Now obsessed with inequality,

– Misguided by diversity.

– When will they ever learn?

– When will they ever learn?”

Pete Seegar was a fabulous folk singer, but his ultra-liberal ideology can be flushed along with the likes of Evergreen. Seegar’s group, “The Weavers” always ended their act with a rendition of “Good Night Irene.” One verse of that song is a good recommendation of what liberals can do with their “ideology.”

– “Sometimes I live in the country.

– Sometimes I live in town.

– Sometimes I have a great notion

– To jump in the river and drown.”

We don’t want anyone to do that, but we think throwing the idea of a “Day of Absence” in the river is a good idea.