Carefree Acupuncture, more than the basics for optimal health

Dr. Jay McFarlane

CAREFREE – At Carefree Acupuncture and Chiropractic, Dr. Jay McFarlane strives to be an all-encompassing wellness clinic. As such, he has earned certification with the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries. AAMVI trains doctors how to diagnose, treat, and manage personal injury cases when it comes to common car accident ailments like concussions and whiplash. There’s a myth folks believe that if the car wasn’t damaged, then neither was its passenger. “Not always true,” McFarlane said. He explained that if your head hits the head rest (aka restraint), you’re likely to have a concussion, even though you’re still conscious. Concussions aren’t just about headaches and dizziness. They can manifest in fatigue, irritability, delayed thought processes.

Through AAMVI certification, McFarlane not only has a greater knowledge as to what to watch for, but he asks the right questions. Human variables matter – like where someone is sitting in the vehicle and where s/he was looking. With a complete picture, McFarlane uses all the tools at Carefree Acupuncture – chiropractic, acupuncture, stability training, laser – to help patients heal faster.

McFarlane is a strong proponent on educating clients. One recently drove 80 miles to see him. The patient was suffering from spinal stenosis and had tried Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment, which failed to alleviate the pain. McFarlane, however, had success, and the daughter was excited how well he explained not only what was wrong but the treatment and prognosis. “The daughter said she’d never seen her parent so relaxed after treatment.”

Much like the fallacy that an undamaged car means its passengers can’t possibly be hurt, often patients downplay the connection of emotions and physical well-being. Worried about your daughter’s first solo road trip? Mom may end up with back pain. Fretting over whether your wife will get the much-deserved promotion? Hubby may be stricken with a digestive malady. McFarlane can coach and advise on issues like exercise and nutrition when it comes to stress-related complaints. Even TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) can be addressed at Carefree Acupuncture, and of course, it’s in conjunction with a patient’s dentist and/or doctor.

Come in with what ails you (cancer survivors and post-surgery patients encouraged!), and Dr. McFarlane will use his skills and resources to improve your good health. He has two offices: 11030 N Tatum Blvd #F-102 (Mon, Wed, Fri) and 7518 E Elbow Bend Rd. (Tues & Thur). Phone 480-488-9647 or 602-494-3037 for a better you!