Behold! A nightmare

Steele Coddington

I just recalled a review I read some time ago of a book, “1000 Dreams Interpreted” written by Gustauvs Miller in 1909, considered then as somewhat reliable. It kind of suggested that the meaning of dreams may be an indication of “what is about to happen” or possibly a revelation of a truth. The only interpretation that I remember was, “In a dream, if a young lady has hairy legs, she will dominate her husband.” I can’t confirm the truth of that one way or the other in my life since it’s confidential. But with brief exposure to author Miller, plus a confusingly small familiarity with Freudian dream analysis, I’m convinced that my own ability is right up there with Freud and Miller in dream interpretation. Here are a few that highly intelligent people will agree with:

If you dreamed that a donkey flatulated right in front of you, it could be your opinion of a late night comedian. Obscene and not funny, just another liberal with no talent or common sense.

If a Socialist politician like Sanders or Obama appears in your dream it could be a warning that some threatening fundamental transformation may become another liberal agenda to diminish our Constitution.

If you have a dream about a crowd proclaiming “Resistance,” it probably means you should look out for a group of liberals seeking an excuse to lie, cheat or riot in public to support an illegal, untrue or false narrative.

If a dream becomes a nightmare, it may be a warning that your country’s liberal leaders have adopted the “Rules for Radicals” written by Saul Alinsky as their methods of undermining elected authority and to justify physical violence by leftist groups.

Unfortunately, these dreams are real and embrace the continuing decay of a democrat party whose leaders have become sycophants sucking-up to lame-brained liberals in Hollywood, mainstream TV anchors and misguided self-indulgent leftie columnists in the N. Y. Times and Washington Post. Those are the propaganda spewing voices negatively influencing the values and acceptable standards of the American public. They are the brain-washers whose constant repetition of left wing slogans manipulate, slant and promote their perverted view of reality. The consequence is a persuasion that seems increasingly to drift toward encouragement and escalation of unacceptable behavior including resort to riots, destruction of property and physical abuse of individuals who dare to disagree.

Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals seems to have become the progressive’s bible. Watch TV to witness the employment of his tactics – irresponsible ridicule of the opposition, especially of individuals and ideas; never let-up the attack mode; constant criticism and faulting with constant negatives; and failure to condemn unlawful violence.

An interesting revelation recently appeared in National Review, “Everyone an Enemy” by Ian Tuttle, describing the latest manifestation of liberal militancy and violence. “There is currently on the street, smashing storefronts and setting things on fire, a group called ‘Antifa’ for anti-fascist” They, “have emerged as the militant fringe of #The Resistance against Donald Trump, – who they maintain is a fascist.” We’ve seen them almost every day at campuses, and nationally , declaring that anyone who disagrees with them is a fascist. And they decide who is One!

The leaders of the democrats have been transformed by a con job disguising their agenda of radical transformation/revolution to a less ominous, heroic sounding, “Resistance.” But most Americans recognize the same old outhouse smell. And know that when a dream involves an outhouse, the stench coming from inside is the DNC chorus led by Saul Alinsky singing “Hail Antifa.”