Obama jail time?

Don Sorchych, my viewI have always believed our destiny is written by the press, schools and now the courts. Liberals have a huge head start having already saturated schools at all levels with liberal thought. The liberal philosophy has permeated our press which, for example, because of their political correctness, gave Obama an A grade where it should have been an F and perhaps a jail term. After all, you don’t censor a black man or a Democrat.

Never mind that he is half white or that he had been “schooled” by black pedophile, Communist Frank Marshall Davis who just may have been his father.

This information exists in Obama’s book; try to find it in the national published press.

That is far from all. Obama paid millions to a lawyer to hide school, passport and travel information. He attended an anti-United States church and a book was written about his drug use and homosexuality. Anyone with simple knowledge of computer images agrees someone fraudulently “manufactured” the long-form birth certificate he posted on the White House website. Our own Reporter Linda Bentley was able to find Obama used a Social Security number of a resident in Connecticut.

We published that information which had legal ramifications as did other conservative publications with no effect from the media or law enforcement.

The same happened with Obama’s fraudulently created selective service registration. Failure to register by the age of 26 denies the offender any future right to work in the executive branch of the federal government, including the U.S. Postal Service. Again, nothing happened to him except he was voted to the highest executive branch post in the land. Not a peep from the press or television.

There is much more but what would the national press do with this information if his name were Donald Trump instead of Barack Hussein Obama?

The means to get information of their corruption that the public needs lies within the media companies where what they do is obvious but not widely recognized due to their self-protection.

The fact that Obama and his possibly male wife are living in Washington, D.C. tells a lot. He will be a well known critic of the Trump administration with serious backing by the likes of the evil George Soros.

Speaking of Soros, his contributions are probably what caused the loss of Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office after a federal judge ruled against Joe for essentially doing his job, for doing exactly what the feds were supposed to do.

And who replaced Arpaio? Democrat Paul Penzone whose first statement was he would drop the phrase “illegal alien” and substitute “guest” instead.

In spite of Joe’s legal problems caused by the federal government he would have been re-elected to the Sheriff’s office except for Soros’ huge $300,000 cash contribution and editorial malfeasance by the Arizona Republic, a Democrat boot licker.

Penzone is tearing down tent city and releasing an average of 400 illegal aliens every 10 days.

And, in July, Penzone will be a speaker at the National Council of La Raza’s Annual Conference.

I guess that is what one expects of a Democrat sheriff.

Among the Democrat higher ups there is plenty of evidence for jail terms. I have no doubt Trump has the courage but would he have adequate backing when you consider the strength of the establishment/swamp?

A short list of indictable Democrats starts with Obama and the entire Clinton family and then Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder.

After that, many at the White House are breaking the law and acting as surrogates for Obama. I am not sure how the Trump administration can legally go after federal judges, but there must be hundreds who are one way or another breaking the law.

American corruption is so wide and deep it will take generations to clean it up and will there be any more Trumps? He is one of a kind in centuries. It is heartbreaking to see his efforts being thwarted from every angle. Those of us who voted for him in the primaries were sure he would do what he promised. But neither Trump nor we thought he would face the pressure on him from all sides including the Republican Party.

Stick with THE DONALD and support him however you can. JOE ARPAIO too!