According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Tom Perez, who is the new DNC Chairman vows to fight Trump with voter suppression. What the hell is voter suppression? Queen Hillary was on TV today blaming a lot of folks, especially the Russians for helping Trump win. Give me break. Russia, China, North Korea and other rogue nations wanted Hillary to win because our military was weakened by Obama and she wouldn’t have done anything to make it stronger. Hillary was also quick to say she got more votes in the election, that is true. What stands out is Manhattan, the District of Columbia, LA and San Francisco, then Trump came to town and it was over. Queen Hillary thinks the Democrats can win back the house in 2018. (WOW) If they listen to Tom Perez they will lose more seats. This may come as a great shock but put Queen Hillary next to UK’s Theresa May and how do they compare? Right now the Queen is telling everyone she is not going anywhere. Let’s hope the Justice Department takes a serious look at the Clinton Foundation, including Huma and the Manhattan Weiner. PVT South will not send anymore campaign funds until they take a good hard look. According to Hillary, Obama did a great job and her liberal audience cheerfully agreed. (Only in California)

A class of eighth graders went to our Nations Capitol and had an opportunity to have their picture taken with The Speaker of the House. Hold on–About half the class choose not to participate because of President Trump. Now that is your tax dollars at work, compliments of the school teachers who have brainwashed many of the students. Also I noticed USA Today had an article about “life after Obama”. Dearly Beloved–This is a doozy. If you are not for Trump it seems like it is the worst of times in history. WOW (they certainly don’t know much about history)

Kathy Griffin, shall we say a liberal comedian, held up a bloody looking head of President Trump then later apologized. Would you believe she actually got fired from CNN, will any comedian come to her defense, and will she get a job elsewhere

Tiger Woods, age 41 just got his picture taken, and he looked like his head would fit on a platter. See what happens when you don’t keep your powder dry.

PVT South