America is being brainwashed

The education community is vast majority Democrat. The Media is vast majority Democrat.

Our children grow up getting their minds prepared and programmed to accept Leftist beliefs and ideology from Kindergarten and on through college. All the while, Leftist media feed them propaganda for all of their lives. Then throw in Leftist social media and peer pressure and it is no wonder our culture is shifting toward Socialism.

Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky would be very proud of the progress toward fleecing the wealth and our individual freedoms from the United States. Central government control and ultimate power are the goals. Those who remain standing after the defeat of Liberty will be wealthy and powerful beyond anything we imagine, while 95% of the people will have deflated lives with no hope for anything better. Look at the average life of people in socialist countries, It is terrible and no hope. The political leadership and black market operators do very well.

Leftists use our freedom against us. They hide behind freedom of speech and freedom of the press to indoctrinate and propagandize and to intimidate differing opinions and beliefs. Then once in power, they dissolve those freedoms for everyone else and we then live in a police state.

If we stand aside in fear and let these Leftist radicals take us down, we will regret it. Look at how the media and Democrats have the hunting dogs out after Donald Trump WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING. This is a lynch mob. Lies and raw emotional hatred ginned up by the media and Democrats. Do we want to live in a country where due process and law do not matter? Do we want rule by angry mobs and intimidation and threats? That is exactly what is happening. If we stand by and not fight back, the violence and rage will eventually come to our homes and neighborhoods too.

I am begging all of you to overwhelm the politician’s phones, social media, email, and attend their town halls and put pressure on them to fight this. We have to do more than just vote and complain to ourselves. The LEFT is willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win. Why don’t we? They will be our rulers if we don’t fight. And they will not be kind.

Fernando Cadiz