Senator McCain’s hatred for our president is disgusting

Senator McCain’s palpable hatred for our President is becoming more evident each month that passes. His description “Approaching Watergate size and scale”, has gone over the top. Despite NO EVIDENCE and nothing but undisclosed sources and a biased media running with rumor and innuendo, Senator McCain has found President Trump guilty, until proven innocent.

I doubt that Senator McCain understands that he is a participant in undermining the electoral decision of more than 55 MILLION voters. He is participating in demoralizing Americans, just like Hanoi Hannah did. This is particularly disturbing since he was a victim of her propaganda, as was the United States, during the Viet Nam conflict. He should know better.

Senator McCain is perhaps still mad that we did not choose him to be President and also for Donald Trump insulting his very best Buddy, Lindsey Graham during the primary? Perhaps Senator McCain needs to respect our justice system’s premise that people are innocent until PROVEN guilty. He is peddling his political speculation in a damaging way.

He should have been as upset when Barack Obama passed on classified materials to the Russians, allowed 20% of our uranium to be sold to Russia, and allowed his two Attorneys General (Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch) to lie and mislead Congress several times. Why did Attorney General Loretta Lynch meet privately with Bill Clinton on a Sky Harbor Airport tarmac while his wife Hillary was being investigated by her DOJ? Then a week later James Comes and Loretta Lynch let her off with no charges? Additionally Chelsea Manning, when she was Mr. Bradley Manning, gave thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, and President Obama then commuted most of the sentence. The Clinton’s allegedly reaped millions of dollars in pay-for-play schemes, allegedly broke many laws by using their private server and ultimately destroyed many documents while under subpoena. How about when Eric Holder, when Attorney General, allowed guns to illegally cross into Mexico and one of them was used to kill one of our US Border Agents, Brian Terry?

Where was Senator McCain asking for a Special Council to be appointed to investigate any of this? He did not. But the minute he sees a chance to get in front of a microphone or camera and spout off against President Trump, get out of his way.

A Dear friend of mine passed away a few years ago and he too was a POW, but in Japan. He was a hero and endured torture, starvation and humiliation while a captive. He is now buried in Arlington National Cemetery. To his dying day, he never bad-mouthed our country or our Presidents, even when he disagreed with them, especially when he was overseas, unlike what Senator McCain has done.


Fernando Cadiz