I shall miss “Mo”

Just last week, I found myself wondering how former KFYI 550AM talk show host Bob Mohan was getting along. Now I read in this morning’s Republic that he has passed away. For years, “Mo” ran an irreverent, conservative, raucous talk show. I particularly enjoyed calling in with my rowdy limericks.

Few listeners knew that “Mo” had served as a Naval Aviator in a Skyhawk attack squadron. I often asked how he managed to get his large frame into the A-4’s tight cockpit. He replied, “Mineral oil.” (We former Naval Flight Officers and Naval Aviators always engage in mutual needling)

“Mo” interviewed me in his studio the week after my return from Riyadh, where I had been caught by the outbreak of Desert Storm, after I had finished training the Saudi National Guard in operation and maintenance of night-vision equipment. I had spent an additional ten days, sheltered in a US compound, without my luggage, unable to return to CONUS.

Yes – “Mo” was one of a kind, to be missed by all who ever dealt with him.

Fair winds and following seas, brother!

J-P. A. Maldonado