Two immigrations – your choice

Steele Coddington

Re immigration in the U.S.A.: there are two types of immigration. One kind consists of those who came , and still come, to seek a better life and opportunities to meld into the proverbial melting pot. They saw and sought the values of a country that provides unlimited opportunities, thanks to its economic system, its Rule of Law and Constitutional guarantees of individual freedom. Values not available where they came from. The are happy to be here and regardless of any prejudice they encounter they assimilate.

Some of them, an obtuse minority, think they have a mission to fundamentally transform us into some kind of foreign flawed ideology that has failed miserably, to integrate individual freedom and economic success. They are preoccupied with an irrationality characteristic of sick mentalities, unable to distinguish reality from self-delusion or self-adulation. They usually fail,

The “other” immigration is an insidious subversion described recently in an article in the Wall Street Journal. The article labeled Ayaan Hirsi Ali as “Islam’s Most Elegant Apostate.” Her recent book, “The Challenge of Dawa,” described the potential finality of countries who in monumental ignorance refuse to recognize the threat of Islam’s real objectives: “To destroy the political institutions of free society and replace them with Sharia.” Her mission, as a former Muslim, is to expose the slippery, subversive program of dawa that enables the success of Sharia by stealth, using democratic protections of their religion to shield the deadly consequences of its political partner.

Many U.S. political “experts” use religious freedom arguments to support Islam in ignorance of its ulterior intent, to promote the idea that Jihad only occurs through terrorism. Hirsi Ali discloses that misconception. “Islam the religion, is a Trojan Horse that conceals Islamism’s political movement.” Meaning that Sharia, the political arm of the religion is the real subject of the subversion. Dawa is portrayed as a religious missionary activity but it is really a peaceful jihad afforded religious protections by law in free societies, and is essentially a fraud. Hirsi Ali is a courageous authority on the real intent of Muslim immigration and its lethal consequences.

Add to her warnings on the dangers of Islamic dawa, the same revelations by former prosecutor of the Blind Sheik, Andrew C. McCarthy in many publications and you can’t help but conclude that those American leaders, judges and advocates trying to undermine our President and opponents of Muslim immigration, are so ignorant of the issues that they have become enablers of dawa.

Prosecutor McCarthy cited ” dawa” many times as well as the Muslim Brotherhoods’ leadership in the effort” to destroy the West by sabotaging it from within.” and “Exploiting western freedoms “to instill Sharia principles into Western legal systems. The agenda? Using, “Civilazational jihad,” not terrorism against the West. “It is Sharia not terrorism that divides Muslims who embrace the West from Muslims determined to Islamize the West. The Brotherhood’s stealth plan is to conquer America and Europe, “Not by the sword (terrorist jihad) but by dawa – non-violent infiltration into our law and our education systems.” Choose the immigration that is best for you, not for those who are too ignorant or too stupid to formulate an effective deterrent.