The United Nations is a good idea “gone bad.”

At present, the United States funds over one quarter of the cost of the U.N. plus all the expenses associated with hosting the U.N. headquarters in New York City.

When evaluating the cost to benefit ratio, this nation receives very little for our major investment.

The United Nations almost consistently votes against the best interests of the United States and Israel, one of our closest allies. And the Security Council is virtually powerless because of the members’ veto ability which takes the “teeth” out of the organization.

As a result of the Holocaust, the United Nations pledged that noting like that “sin against humanity” would be allowed to happen again.…this pledge has not been honored. We’ve had and continue to have Holocaust incidents by Russia, China, Cambodia, North Korea, and in Africa, the Mideast and other countries where millions of people have been tortured and / or murdered.

Basically, the only thing the United Nations has done somewhat well is to provide limited humanitarian aid during natural disasters or epidemics. Even in these incidents, the United States generally comes to the rescue.

It is suspected that an underlying goal is for the United Nations to become the headquarters for a One World Government where the OWG would supersede the authority and sovereignty of all nations.

The U.N. would like to see Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 become reality. These agendas would essentially take away our national sovereignty and nullify our Constitution. The adoption of these two agendas would amount to a massive move to control people and entire nations and provide an avenue for vast property confiscation and wealth distribution.

We’ve seen the start of this control mechanism with the United Nations involvement with global warming and, to a lesser extent, with the small arms agreement. Little by little they attempt to exert more control through treaties and agreements until such time the U.N. will control most of everything. One day we could wake to a One World Government under the “leadership“ of the United Nations.

If our government really exhibited courage, they would vote to either stop our funding to the U.N. until they determine that the organization is conducting themselves according to its founding principles, drop out of the United Nations, form another international or regional organization or have no such organization at all.

Since the United States is the major contributor to the U.N., it’s time that we get our money’s worth or send the organization packing.

Trump once said he could convert the U.N. building into a luxury hotel. This may be the very best idea of all rather then leaving the building as a luxury meeting place for people who do virtually nothing but cost this nation money and problems.

John Shields

N. Scottsdale