The Leftie Kleptos

Steele Coddington

There’s an ugly rumor that the Democrats are planning a legal “overthrow” of the U.S. government in the next election, to return it to an Obama-like regime. The plan started with the apparent overthrow at U.C. Berkeley a couple of weeks ago. Some intelligent people think it was a training session for the Democrats’ “Black Shirt” brigade, their military wing, in preparation for election disruptions to prevent Conservative voices being heard. Conservative voices are the “enemy” because they are too rational. The affair was “field training” for in classroom propaganda in thought control. Most of the black outfitted masked thugs who participated surely got final A’s from their brainwashers in the classroom. The course is listed as, “Garbage in, Garbage out.”

Many radical University professors can be considered running the left’s college Pentagon. Their rhetoric qualifies them as “Joint Left Chiefs of Staff,” training students to become “victims” claiming justification for their thuggery. All of this array of misguided “field” army is waiting for orders from their new leaders in Washington, D.C. to spread the disease STD – letters standing for “Socialistically Transmitted Disease.” It has sickened societies like Cuba, Argentina and everywhere else where tried.

The plan to steal back the U.S. government is called the “Klepto Kampaign for Kommies.” A new kind of KKK, still intent to “Fundamentally Transform” America. “Klepto” is short for Kleptomania, which the dictionary defines as “An irresistible impulse to steal, stemming from an emotional disturbance rather than an economic need.”: A priceless description and a shoe that fits the current progressive soul, n’est pas?

The new KKK movement’s secret leaders in D.C. have morphed into a group of socialist incendiaries that will be called “the Revolutionary Guard.” A scary bunch of far lefties whose ideology was exactly why they were rejected along with “Cell Phone Sister” Hillary in 2016. We don’t know who they are , but I would recommend the following: the new DNC Chair, Tom “Foul Mouth” Perez, former Secretary of Labor for Obama; his Muslim DNC Co-Chair Keith Ellison; Elizabeth Warren; Old friend Pinocchio; Bernie Sanders and hundreds of other similar groupies intent on undermining the President.

Bernie recently said, “Our job is the radically transform the Democratic Party.” He should change his own identity from “Democratic Socialist” to reflect its true meaning, “Debacle-iptic Socialist.” Bernie’s hand picked DNC Co-Chair Ellison, as a Muslin raises some serious questions. Like most Muslims, is he an Islamist? Will he promote Sharia Law? Does he understand the Muslim Brotherhood “Dawa” agenda? How can anyone swear allegiance to the Rule of Law and our Constitution and still adhere to Sharia? He has reportedly commented that the failure and rejection of the Democrats in 2016 wasn’t because of liberalism, but because the party wasn’t liberal enough.

Good grief, the real reason they were rejected was because for the past 8 years their agenda followed a variation of the bawdy English song, “Roll Me Over In The Clover.” Their version, “Liberals Love Rolling Taxpayers Over In The Clover.” Why would anyone who lives under our Constitution ever vote for the new KKK which would roll them over and do it again?