Cave Creek dying?

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Don SorchychBikes and more bikes

A long-time citizen stopped by the other day and told me he had new and accurate possible names for the town. After thinking about it a moment he decided it would likely require a split resulting in two towns.

He said the eastern part of the town should be Sturgis and the western part should be Mexico.

Pretty accurate I think.

If it is ever good fortune to be sick as I was recently, it was good to have avoided bike week. Who would miss the thunderous noise, slow traffic (except for bikers) and bad manners of bike week?

But who is to blame for handing our equestrian town over to out of town rowdies?

Whilst getting my vitals checked at Mayo, the nurse said she would be leaving Cave Creek after many years for exactly that reason. She is an active equestrian person who doesn’t feel sharing the town with motorcycles and bicycles makes for an equine friendly situation.

She blames greedy bar owners and town council. I would place blame on council first, – council and town staff, the staff that only works four days per week. Why? Because they like it, even though citizens don’t. I tried to talk the nurse who says she will leave into becoming politically active to help get the right people on council. She said she had put up with bad management of the town long enough and is too old to help manage a turn around.

And, as far as bar owners go, if blame rests there, it is at the Hideaway and its affiliate Roadhouse. I think old time businesses like Harold’s and Buffalo Chip simply compete for market share. What they generally don’t do is crowd their parking lots with out of town white tents which justifies – in the town’s feeble mind –ROAD CLOSURE!

A council, mindful of citizens’ needs, not of crony capitalism, simply would not close our one and only road through town to benefit two businesses. But right now both Mayor Ernie Bunch and Town Manager Peter Jankowski are crony capitalists. The first available step in stopping road closures is the town manager.

The date of the next election for council is in Aug. 29, 2018 so it is early to begin to make choices unless somebody like dark side Eileen Wright is so bad someone wants to recall her. The only reason she got on council was because, other than the four candidates supported by Sonoran News, only dark side candidates remained and, of those, she worked hard to get elected.

On Monday, May 1, Council voted 5-2 not to renew Jankowski’s contract with Bunch and Vice Mayor Ron Sova voting to renew. Please read Linda Bentley’s front page Cave Creek Town Council article for more details.

You may want to plan to submit your resume at town hall. Hopefully, there will be no more easterners.

Council had the courage to kiss Jankowski goodbye. I will tell you now that neither Bunch nor Sova who voted to keep Jankowski should be on Cave Creek Town Council and won’t be supported by this newspaper in the next election in 2018.

Problems with water are a major issue and Jankowski’s lack of understanding and water system management create deadly future problems. We will be publishing an important view by Bob Morris, who has an engineering background. Look for it online at

Bikes and more bikes

After all the pain during construction and cost of the bike lane project, I noticed Cave Creek used the controversial bike lanes for motorcycle parking during Bike Week. So the town staff has become the Sturgis staff. Wonder what form of crony capitalism it took to accomplish that particular maneuver?

Even though the Cave Creek Road driving lanes are deliberately wide it is not enough for the two wheel uniformed numskulls. Yesterday, driving up the hill just east of Harold’s three of eight bicyclists overlapped the bike lane onto the auto lane and no amount of honking changed that. These knights of the bike lane think they own the whole road. Ask yourself, where is MCSO when they pull capers like that? And how about when they float right through stop signs as if they aren’t there? Ever seen any stopped for their traffic transgressions? Try Spur Cross Road with all the hills and valleys and double yellow lines. They still mosey along where cars and trucks belong and pay taxes.

Speed limits need to be enforced for straight pipe LOUD motorcycles!