According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The Ivy League is cracking up–Here we have a dude who is a Psychiatrist at Yale University who just put out the word about President Trump. “Trump is the worst of the worst” OK-So he is a big fan of Hillary, but a person with a PHD is supposed to be smart and shouldn’t let ideology override serious thinking. Going to Yale is not cheap. Bush 41 and 43 are graduates, but when they attended the teaching staff were more professional and not an assortment of liberal nut jobs that now occupy many of our Universities. This may come as a great shock to the liberal elite, if Trump fails then America fails. (Are the dumb dumbs OK with that)?

After just 100 days of Trump the press is still putting out doom and gloom, but we are also told if the election were held again today Trump would win bigger than before. OK-Life is still a game of numbers and money is used for keeping score, but who in the hell is keeping score? Hopefully before the midterm elections America is on track to being great again and hopefully it will be obvious to everyone. (What track will the press be on)?

Time to get a grip–A special note to the Boo Birds in California and Hawaii. Where would America be after 100 days including the stock market with Queen Hillary as Commander in Chief? OK–The Supreme Court would have Obama’s first pick and soon after Ruth Bader Ginsburg would step down and make room for Obama with more Nannies to follow. The National Park System would be preparing Mount Rushmore for another new face. Hillary would win a second term easy because all illegal’s were given amnesty so they could vote. Most major cities would become Sanctuary Cities and the NFL would be forced to consider Flag Football as part of the game. OK–Before her time is up the United States would no longer be a number one world power and what would that mean? (To some, especially the young, not that much)

In the past we would often hear from the Democrats. (too many white guys) OK–After December 1941 a bunch of white guys saved Hawaii from the Japanese. Consider this political parable, the Mitsubishi of today has turned out to be more dangerous than the 40’s model.

PVT South