According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved – Every week during the Trump Presidency has been interesting and often exciting. Our Commander In Chief recently dropped a 21,000 pound firecracker in Afghanistan to clear out a few folks. Also, Bernie Sanders came to the Derby City (Louisville Kentucky) who has embarked on a speaking tour to invite voters who oppose Trump. OK–Bernie–All Trump ever wanted to do was make America Great Again. All Hillary did was rig the Presidential Primary so he would lose no matter how many votes he received. After being embarrassed by the Democratic Party, Bernie still endorsed Hillary because he thought it was still important that she be made Queen. (Give me a break) Here is another tabloid headline “Hillary the real Russian spy” will it ever end? (Don’t think so)

OK – A pair of Queens, Debbie and Carrie Fisher (now deceased) have left reportedly a 70 million dollar fortune that has caused all the relatives acting like a bunch of vultures. (more tales of Hollywood) Speaking of Hollywood, the USA Today just put out a list of the ten most polluted cities. Last week California had another list of the ten happiest cities and California had six out of ten, and now six out of ten of the most polluted are also in California. Once again I must repeat myself (life is just a game of numbers and money is used to keep score).

More sad news, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is no longer part of the show. Once again it is rumored to be sexual harassment. My Dad always told me, if you ever get into a high profile job that involves a lot of people you should (cater to little girls and little old ladies) because it’s the ones in between that get you into all that trouble.

PVT South