Singapore is the “tree champion”

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Atlanta (Georgia) claims to be the most tree-covered of any city in the U.S. However, research shows that this claim is disputed. A measuring indicator dubbed the “Green View Index” has been employed using satellite imaging. The GVI yields an overhead aspect that is used to calculate a city’s canopy coverage percentage. Sacramento (Calif.) leads the nation with a 23.6% canopy factor. Others contend the real champion should be Portland (Ore.) if the municipality’s 5,157 acre Forest Park were to be included in tabulation. Singapore with 29.3% is said to be the “tree champion” city of the entire world.

A poll conducted in the U.S. reveals that 47% of adults believe in ghosts. However, those same polled people indicated that they think 61% of “other people” believe in ghosts.

Puerto Rico has the highest sales tax rate of any state or commonwealth in the U.S. (11.5%).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2016 approximately 650,000 patients acquired infections while hospitalized in the United States. 75,000 of those unfortunate people died. Yikes. On a similar note: 400,000 Americans were transported by air ambulances in 2016.

Two different men claim to have first introduced Buffalo wings in the 1960’s. While no actual buffalo meat was included in the recipes, both men were residing in Buffalo, New York when the yummy snack experienced its IPO. Hence the spicy chicken wings were dubbed “Buffalo Wings” and history was made. Last year about 90,000,000,000 Buffalo Wings were devoured by denizens of America.

More by simple observation than by deliberate research, it was discovered that folks undergoing treatment at an Alzheimer’s disease facility had their behaviors altered when a medium sized aquarium containing several colorful fish was placed in a shared lobby/dining area. Patients therein (as a group) ate larger volumes, consumed more nutritious foods, did less nervous pacing, became more attentive and were noticeably less lethargic.

A fruit native to Peru called the camu-camu (I am not making this up) has a strong acidic flavor. The cool-to-pronounce fruit purportedly contains the most vitamin C per ounce of any fruit on our planet.

According to floral specialists, particular flowers sent to others convey particular messages. For instance, red roses mean “I love you” while peonies say “I am shy and I like you very much.” Well, sleep well tonight unless you happen to be one of the special 47% — in that case, Benediximus.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at