Big Agenda

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Don Sorchych

In a beautifully crafted hard cover book entitled “Big Agenda,” David Horowitz wrote a clear message for Trump fans and “should be” Trump fans. The subtitle is “President Trump’s Plan to Save America.”

Horowitz is well known for fighting America’s educational battle at all levels with statistics about the Democrat ownership of K-12 education and college at all levels. If you wonder why Millennials like socialist government read on.

The book is divided into short but gripping chapters. Exclusive of notes and indexes there are only 163 pages. However, in those pages you learn about what Trump inherited from the Obama administration and his strategy for the future. It is the best economic reference book you can find.

Here, as an example, is Chapter one, “New Wars to Fight.”

As we enter the TRUMP era, our country faces daunting threats to its security, prosperity and freedom. For eight years, we have been led by a commander-in-chief dedicated to appeasing our enemies and degrading our military, reducing its forces to their lowest level since WWII. Weakness and uncertain resolve by America’s commander-in-chief have led to an expanding terrorist threat abroad and increasing terrorist threat at home. At home, over-taxation, overregulation, and massive government debt have led to the most anemic recovery on record. Ninety-four million Americans have left the work force and 47 million are on food stamps. Thirty years of Democratic Party attacks on our sovereignty have created porous national borders and an influx of hundreds of thousands of criminals and an unknown number of terrorists. Hundreds of Democrat sponsored ‘Sanctuary Cities’ – including such major urban centers as Los Angeles and New York – have set precedents of sedition by defying federal laws to provide safe havens for criminals and terrorists who have crossed our borders illegally.

Once eradicated epidemic disease like tuberculosis have returned from Somalia and other war-torn Third-World countries, while our left wing government has been busy importing tens of thousands of unvetted refugees from Middle-Eastern centers of Islamic war against us.

At home, another war with racial overtones is being waged by the left and directed at law enforcement in cities across America, leading to a dramatic spike in homicides and other violent crimes. Aggressive assaults by progressives on the first and second amendments – the cornerstones of American Freedoms – have divided America’s communities and set precedents for drastic curtailments of other American freedoms. Today, America is more divided and its major parties more polarized than at any time since the Civil War. The conclusion of the nastiest, most divisive election campaign within living memory augurs little hope that these conflicts will not occupy center stage in the political dramas of the next four years.”

The first paragraph is a test of whether you knew these facts since the nationwide liberal newspapers printed little or none of them. It also forecasts what subsequent pages will look like with new facts. It is perfect for an afternoon of reading and future re-reading.

There is a chapter titled “Ending Leftist Indoctrination in Our Schools.” In this chapter you are told how and why the left owns our schools at all levels. The possible solution is in the last paragraph.

In this area too, Republicans have abdicated to protect the integrity of our democratic institutions and have provided the left with another taxpayer-supported avenue to shape the minds of American youth. This can be more easily remedied than the situation in higher education, provided Republicans have the will to do so. Superintendents of school districts should draw up a Hatch Act for teachers to prevent them from insinuating political agendas into the classroom. Teachers can teach controversial issues but should be barred from taking sides on such matters or extruding partisan politics into the classroom. Teachers who do risk suspension and possible loss of their teaching licenses. Do Republicans have the will to fight these battles and win them?”

Chapter 11 is “Go on the Attack and Stay on it.”

Horowitz insists Republicans should go to war against Democrats and take the high moral ground. He clearly is critical of Republicans adopting Political Correctness (PC) and thanks Trump, for speaking in non PC terms during his campaign.

The last paragraph is Conclusion: The Battle Plan: the first 100 days.

This paragraph lists 16 specific items on Trump’s list for the first 100 days of his administration.

This column covers less than 99 percent of the contents of “Big Agenda.” You owe it to yourself to buy a copy and read and reread it. It is vitally important!