According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–My local daily paper, the Courier Journal here in Louisville Kentucky just put out a list of the ten happiest places to live plus the ten unhappiest places. OK–Here at home Louisville came out at number 132 out of 150 cities. Louisville is actually better than that, so it really depends on who in the hell is keeping score. Now comes the goofy part. California that loves Hillary is really suffering from excessive liberal government, but had 8 out of 10 of the happiest places to live. OK–Who made the list? Obama, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, also 5 out of the 10 unhappiest places were states in the South. Dearly Beloved just color me confused.

Sunday was Easter, so it’s a happy time for children looking for Easter eggs and young ladies wearing their new Easter bonnets. Just around the corner is the first Saturday in May. (May 6th) That may be no big deal in Arizona, but in Louisville it is Derby time and home of the 143rd Kentucky Derby. (called the run for the roses) Churchill Downs is huge and the attendance on the big day is always estimated at 150,000. But after some glamorous re-modeling it can go to 165,000, unless it rains. The big oval on the track is called the infield and it is basically a zoo of humanity. (been there) The clubhouse also has what is called millionaires row– not cheap. If you watch on TV notice all the beautiful babes dressed to the nines usually wearing a Derby hat. One year my baby brother, (who was an only child) was at a Derby and noticed ZZ Top and his entourage enjoying the day. Another year my wife and I were attending and President Nixon came on the scene.

Churchill Downs is full of beautiful flower arrangements, and one year at the Derby my wife and I were walking around and noticed up ahead a crowd of folks looking at something. OK–The something was a nice big good ole boy, spread eagled on his back, dressed in his Sunday’s best, (out cold) in a huge tulip bed of flowers. The dumb dumb had too many Mint Juleps walking around in the hot sun. A Mint Julep at the track is a tall souvenir glass with all the Derby winners listed, full of crushed ice, a dash of mint and plenty of Kentucky Bourbon. OK–the dude missed the big race that only takes about two minutes, but all in all I’m sure he had a good time. It’s hard to keep your powder dry on Derby Day in Kentucky.

PVT South