Obama – don’t care

Any rational individual knows that the Democrats rammed thru the healthcare act purely for control and the redistribution of wealth. The Republicans vote today (sic).

After little exposure to the medical field in years, I just spent ten days in dazed frustration. I diagnosed my own condition, (accurately) was told I needed a scan, perscribed some drugs – call if anything changes. Nothing changed in four days; I called anyway and was sent to a specialist. Again I filled out stacks of forms, permission sheets, release forms and background data. Don’t these people communicate? I have repeated my name, phone, address, DOB dozens of times, verbally and on paper, why the redundancy? The specialist gave me a perscription, set up what he called surgery and said call if anything changes.

Now frustrated with so much process and so little action I threw out the drugs solved the problem at home, called in the changes, cancelling everything. They’ll call me when the bill come due.

I hope the Republicans get it right; if not, they can call if anything changes.

Randy Edwards

Cave Creek