“Up with which we should not put”

Steele Coddington

Maybe a sense of humor will save us. Humor has the power to overcome lies, stupidity and failure if we listen to the message. Winston Churchill’s humor is very apropos and illustrates a point. He effectively wiped out the confusion of rules of grammar applicable to dangling participles in the English language with his famous phrase describing the rules as “Arrant pedantry, up with which I will not put.”

A modification of this humor needs to be seriously adopted by the Republican party and imposed on the disturbing dissentions of the Freedom Caucus who killed the President’s first major legislative effort. Sorry, but as a hard political laborer and life long Conservative, I will tell you from the trenches, intra-party dissentions by Republicans should be called a crime, “Up with which we should not put.”

We gave you real “Save Us” landslides in 2010, 2014 and 2016 to accomplish the job of rescuing the country from the radical “Fundamental Transformation” of Obama. The reasons we elected you and this President are three: the first one you and many others have seemed not to have grasped is FEAR. Just FEAR, all by itself. Fear especiallyof what our country was becoming under radicals like Obama, Hillery, Sanders, Warren and new DNC leaders like Perez and Ellison.

Included in the FEAR is open borders and especially the undercover inducements that foster massive Islamic refugee immigration by those who have demonstratively shown they will adhere to Sharia law and not assimilate. FEAR that as the invasion of immigrants ultimately march to the polls as registered Democrats, the U.S. will become the haven for multicultural disaster, with radical enclaves in every major city. (Check Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands)

The Second FEAR is Healthcare. An initial Obama ploy to initiate a massive government to take over your health life. Okay, you botched that first fight and now we’re wondering if you people can get yourselves together. Why our concern? Because if you can’t legislate away the sources of our fears, then in 2018 and 2020 the country’s radical wrecking crew, mentioned earlier, will be elected. If that happens, the U.S. will never see another Republican majority,

What will our country be then? Pure Red! It will be a land of open borders, high taxes, political correctness and class discrimination. When the government’s policy is to promote wealth redistribution, it means that anyone who strives and succeeds economically through talent, hard labor, ingenuity or whatever, will be forced to meet a very biased liberal lawmaker’s determination of what you can keep of your own earnings. Isn’t that the real definition of discrimination? The Rule of Law will be a joke with justice delivered based on your party registration. Like the IRS scandal. Remember?

The third element of FEAR is the lack of a job. A cartoon by Tom Stiglich says it all. It shows Obama as President saying, “I want to be remembered as an agent of CHANGE.” He’s standing next to a seedy looking unemployed guy with his hand out, saying, “I haven’t worked in eight years….could you spare some?” Jobs are a symbol of HOPE, not the legacy of a dope!

There once was an old Communist named Rudolph the Red. Everything he said came true. He was looking out the window and said to his wife, “It’s going to rain.” She said, “How do you know?” His reply was, “Rudolph the Red knows rain dear!”

And that’s all it does when Rudolph the Reds are in power – rain that drowns individual freedom. Republicans in Congress must vote together. Unify like you must! Save the country like you always do. Marriage is the great symbol of unity. Republicans, get married and stop being “Dangling Participants.”