Judge ducked too many questions for comfort

PHOENIX — Arizona was not happy when junior US Senator Jeff Flake embarrassed the state by goofing off on the job, asking Judge Neil Gorsuch time-wasting questions such as, ‘Would you rather fight a horse-size duck or 100 duck-size horses?’

Considering that the post is a lifetime appointment, most Senators try to probe a Supreme Court nominee’s temperament, judicial philosophy and outlook on the country’s public life. But Flake asked goofball questions.

Protesters on Camelback Road gathered under the wings of a horse-sized duck to offer their criticisms of their Senator and the corporate judge he likes so much.

Gorsuch himself ducked serious questions, leaving Americans in the dark about his legal opinions. Republican Senators failed to muster the votes to move President Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch to a confirmation vote, but instead of changing to a more mainstream nominee, the Republican Senators changed the rules.

That means we will likely have a new Supreme Court Justice who will not say what he believes on key questions affecting the daily lives of Americans.

– Do corporations have the same rights as people?

– Does the constitution protect women’s reproductive freedom?

– Must school districts do more than ‘de minimus’ in educating autistic children?

Gorsuch didn’t bother answering. He ducked.