Plant still growing at age 4,789 years

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No land snakes are indigenous to New Zealand. I specify land snakes because sea snakes abound just off shore. However, those serpents rarely leave the ocean. Some species do briefly venture out for short distances in order to lay eggs. Sea snakes are extremely poisonous; however they are virtually helpless and almost immobile while out of water.

Demographic scientists claim that more than half of our world populations dwell in urban regions. Scientists also assert that megacities will increasingly be a norm for the 21st century. Should you live in a rural area, you are privileged (my opinion).

In 1957 Professor Edmund Schulman discovered a bristlecone pine tree sporting growth rings that indicated the plant was still growing at age 4,789 (years). Long thought to be the oldest tree in the world, its location has been kept secret to all but a trusted few. Move forward to 1964 when one roaming researcher discovered a very old-looking bristlecone displaying green foliage. An attempt was made to drill a core and determine the age of that newly discovered tree. A preliminary guess was “about 2,500 years old.” While attempting to obtain a core, the drill bit being used broke off inside the tree. In a classic “DOH!” moment, the researcher proceeded to fell the damaged tree by cutting with a chainsaw near the pine’s base. Subsequent examinations revealed the plant to be 4,862 years old. It had been killed by the bumbling scientist.

Would you like to know why our capital’s main street is called Pennsylvania Avenue? Many of our historians would like to know. The reason seems to have been lost along the way. For years the street was often referred to as “The Broad One.” The earliest written allusion to Pennsylvania Avenue appears to have been made by Thomas Jefferson in 1791.

A national group that monitors the U.S. fruit and vegetable markets has declared that in 2016 the most insecticide-contaminated produce for sale is strawberries. In other words: wash your purchased strawberries thoroughly prior to mastication (clean word). Amongst the least contaminated foods was said to be fresh sweet corn.

A European syndicate has announced plans of a privately funded venture to land a vehicle (unmanned) on the moon by the end of 2018. Details to follow.

This announcement is for folks who have incomes surpassing those of typical retired teachers: Auctioneers in Hong Kong shall offer a 59.6 carat pink diamond (dubbed the Pink Star) in early April of this year. Projected price is “roughly $60 million.” Well, avoid destroying old trees whenever possible – and have a great week. (