According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Here it is Tuesday the 4th of April, and the front page of the USA Today is all about how Republicans can put Gorsuch on the Supreme Court without help from a single Democrat. Also, a Russian terrorist killed eleven and wounded several more in St. Petersburg Russia on a subway train. All this on the front page including the Democrats work to deflect a threat to equal pay. Now we are talking about the glass ceiling, but most of my unique opinions are based on my age. (which is older than you) If I was just over 50, I wouldn’t have a clue on what has really been going on these past eight years. Now back to the equal pay for equal work. In the good old days when the rules were more simple but not perfect, most men had to work 50 or 51 weeks per year until they died or retired. OK–Women were considered the weaker sex (because they are, and nothing wrong with that) Taking off for child birth is OK, but your job may not be there when you want to return. Women are smarter now because many go to college, but the term too many white guys has been a nightmare for the American workforce. (OK–why)? For 72 years and counting the U.S.A has been a number one world power, but our overall population has changed dramatically and not for the better. Ok–(what’s the problem)? Would you believe (not enough white guys) The Democrats love the term, but how it plays out could make We The People just another ordinary country and not a number one world power. (Something to think about)

Did you notice Susan Rice on TV? She was a top Obama aide in the White House. OK­–We now know she lied big time, but it was not in this paper that features just the news. If a news story makes the Democrats look bad, you may not see it or hear it on TV because America is controlled by the establishment news organizations. In the end will Susan take the Fifth, or when it’s over just drink one?

PVT South