One is better

The media proclaim it; the churches preach it; the schools extol it; the public apparently

buys into it; and there it is again, this time in a letter in the recent Sonoran News

penned by a lady with a DR. before her name:

Islam is one of the three great Abrahamic religions.

Here is another great trilogy: Democracy; Fascism; Communism.

But as with the Abrahamic example—-they are not equal. One is BETTER than the other two. Or, in the religious example—two are much BETTER than the other one.

Of course in the relativistic world of academia and the media and liberalism Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all Great and deserve our respect!

Try this: Democracy is good. Facism is good(Hitler was good but a few zealots gave his programs a bad name). Communism is good.


Mickey Gibson