Traitor: Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, US citizens allowing Muslims in US – same

Angela’s allowing mass migration to Germany has cost the German people €1.5 trillion, 16 lives and countless victims of rape and violent assault (thus far).* (*Source: Google search: The Religion of Peace).

Do you think €1.5 trillion could have been better spent helping the German Citizens? Helping the German homeless, Germans with health problems and improving the education of German youth come readily to mind.

What about the 16 murdered souls due directly to Merkel’s immigration policy? Should she be charged with murder as well as treason? What about the Germans being the victim of rape and violent assault by her migrants? Should she be charged with these as well?

Can aid be sent to the Muslim countries – perhaps from the 50 Muslim-majority countries? The reason why the 50 Muslim-majority countries have not taken in more than 0 of their fellow Muslims is that this is the Hijrah-Conquest by Immigration.

How do you expect the US results to be different than Germany’s? Vetting didn’t save the 14 murdered souls at the Muslim Terrorist attack at San Bernardino.

Anyone agreeing to allow Muslims into the USA and/or not agreeing to deport all Muslims is committing treason.

Ella R.