According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–(Gay porn scandal hits military), really–just give me a break. When yours truly was in the army during the late 50’s, being gay would put you out, or not let you in. But today after 8 years of Slick Willy and 8 more years of Obama (make way for social justice). With all that nonsense a gay porn scandal was predictable. Have We The People forgotten that gays in the military is longer an issue and forget about (Don’t ask don’t tell). Before he left office President Obama made it possible for transgenders to make their way into the military. Makes sense, transgender bathrooms was a big issue before he left office, can you now imagine what it would be like if Queen Hillary was Commander In Chief? Something to think about. After 8 years of Queen Hillary when the military had to pass and review, it would look more like a (gay parade).

It is now time for a little comic relief. Recently in the USA Today Sunday paper (the fashion section) we have in bold type (in Paris go bold). What all these Paris designers call bold appear more comical and upscale Halloween. Because it looked ridiculous and scary to me. To think some high end folks pay big bucks for these assortments of outfits for women that men have to pay for. OK–Chanel’s show was out of this world (it was). Featuring Moon Man Prints, thermal blanket capes and sparkling space age boots. One more, Miumiu’s designers show contained a lot of fur on everything from hats to boots to coats including thick green gloves (two feet long). The French let Hitler and his army march in and take over the city (seemed like a good idea at a time). It showed people lining the streets, mostly young women and children happily waving the German flags with some older men crying (because they knew what was coming). Dearly Beloved–A famous person stated in the past “if you do not pay attention to the past you are doomed to repeat it.”

PVT South