The next Einstein?

God Bless America

Did you know that one of America’s top physicists is a young woman by the name of Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski? She’s a 22-year-old phenomenon who graduated from MIT with a 5.0 Grade Point Average and is now a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard where they call her “the next Einstein,” reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.

In fact, Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the most celebrated minds in science, has Ms. Pasterski on his radar. Hawking has even cited papers she wrote on the topic of quantum gravity.

But Ms. Pasterski is known to be a down-to-earth individual who is embarrassed when people compare her to Einstein. As she puts it, “Sorry for the title; my mentors appear to have astronomically high hopes for me.”

This old piano is a treasure

When a family in the U.K. purchased an antique piano some time ago they had no idea that the 112-year-old instrument wasn’t the treasure they bargained for; it was what was inside the piano that potentially makes them rich-a cache of gold coins worth more than a pretty penny.

In fact, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens, an expert at the British Museum says the treasure has “the potential of yielding a life-changing sum of money.”

Life is tough; tag is too rough

We all remember playing tag at least once or twice in our youth, but kids attending an elementary school in California may be deprived of that memory when they grow up, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The Gold Ridge Elementary in the city of Folsom has banned the game because while life may be tough, tag is much too rough for the youngsters in its charge.