Trump’s dilemmas and the Flake

my view

Don SorchychThis morning Rush Limbaugh asked a good question about the revised health plan the Republican Congress is considering. Why, he asked, isn’t the Congress simply repealing Obamacare, returning to the system we had before the Democrat controlled Senate and House forced what is doomed to become a single payer system on us? You know the system genius Sen. Nancy Pelosi said Obamacare, backed by all Democrats and only Democrats, had to be passed so we would know what was in the bill.

The Republican house is embarrassing their party by not getting government out of the healthcare business. But Congress is still a major component of the “Establishment.”

I believe Trump made his promises in good faith, believing Republicans would support his efforts, but it isn’t the case. Both Republicans and Democrats are heavily invested in being part of the Establishment and don’t forget the Senate has the reins for impeachment, which is the desire of all of Trump’s detractors.

My many sources indicate the majority views Trump’s chances of success slim. Yes, he has unbelievable odds against him but who believed he would win the primaries? I still think he will prevail.

A frequent letter writer put a postscript on his letter today pleading for Trump to stop tweeting. I don’t understand exactly what he is doing but it has to do with getting his message out directly to the people while bypassing the mainstream media. But we both wish he would more carefully scrutinize the quality of what he is tweeting.

Trump has done much in a short period of time especially since he has brushfires everywhere.

At this moment, one has to ask why he kept James Comey as the head of FBI. Did he think Comey helped him get elected because of his untimely investigation of Hillary Clinton? The news was hot today about Comey’s comments concerning a continuing investigation of Russia’s possible role in the recent election. Comey worked for Obama, without question Trump’s enemy. Rudy Giuliani would be ideal as Director of the FBI but is over 80 now. Most believe there is no Russian election interplay and that all the hoopla is merely to keep Trump fighting dragons.

Russ Limbaugh believes the Russian investigation is a blunt message to stop “draining the swamp” or face impeachment.

Perhaps the heavy load has slowed Trump down but I am anxious to see what actions will be taken about sanctuary cities, counties and states. There are currently anywhere from 300 to 500 sanctuary locations in the U.S., with California being the most truculent.

California has hired Eric Holder, Obama’s disgraced ex-Attorney General who sponsored “Fast and Furious,” the illegal transfer of guns to Mexico which resulted in the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry as well as others in both Mexico and the United States. Holder was hired specifically to fight the Trump administration, and will be reporting to the California Legislature.

The Flake

Our Senator (in name only) Jeff Flake is up for reelection in 2018. A letter to the editor when he ran against Wil Cardon for Senator was written by his ex boss:

Wil Cardon is my choice for U.S. Senator

“I believe Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl made a mistake when they bowed to the Republican establishment, and endorsed Congressman Jeff Flake for the U.S. Senate.

“I know, because I used to be Jeff Flake’s boss when he worked at the Goldwater Institute.

“Jeff is a good man, but as a professional politician he’s been marginalized in Washington for the past 12 years. He’s done little for Arizona. He has done nothing to secure our porous border and supports a broader United States Cuban policy. He pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants and he tried to create a new energy tax. Ultimately, the only people Jeff helped are the Washington lobbyists funding his campaign.

“By contrast, I’m supporting Wil Cardon. Wil’s had success in business in Arizona and he knows how to create jobs. He understands how government regulations strangle business, hinders economic growth. He knows that more government is not the answer. Being a Washington outsider Wil won’t be a part of the game of ‘politics as usual.’

“Jeff Flake is a friend. But Wil Cardon is my choice for U.S. Senator.”

Tracy Thomas

Former Goldwater Institute Chairman

Paradise Valley

Cardon is an excellent choice and so is Kelli Ward, who will also be running. Ward would have beat McCain if Soros hadn’t bought the election for “songbird” McCain. Soros knows a Democrat when he sees one. And Flake is as bad a senator as McCain. Flake is all for illegal aliens and when the election gets closer I’ll have many more reasons to retire him during the 2018 elections.