Nairobi (Kenya)

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Nairobi (Kenya) is the only major city in the world to contain a federal game reserve inside its city limits.

This next item is a joke for my junior high science audience. Question: Why should you not believe anything that atoms say? Answer: Because they make up everything.

Moving right along … A pizzeria in NYC now offers a variety of special pies which are topped with edible 24-karat gold strips. The price advertised at press time was $2,000 per pie – delivery not necessarily included.

I read that Iowa, Louisiana features an annual Chicken Run. I thought “At last, a race geared for folks of my bravery ilk.” However, the event is apparently a Mardi Gras thing that involves tossing live chickens into the air while celebrating Bonne Vie (I think maybe Bonne is a local celebrity). Lots of chicken gumbo is served along with a fascinating parade that includes zydeco music and spirited dancing.

Our American coyote is an intriguing animal. Hardly the doofus starring in numerous cartoons, the coyote is a very clever survivor. Having thrived for many generations in our nation’s deserts and prairies, the Canis latrans has learned to live close to people. There are packs of coyotes in Los Angeles. Pup litters can typically range in size from 4 to 12 – largely dependent upon food sources available.

Recently, India erected its tallest flagpole (360 feet) on the Indian/Pakistani border. The sight was indeed imposing as the Indian national flag fluttered high in the air. But now, there are rumors that atop the pole there are spy cameras aimed at Pakistan. Some inhabitants of Pakistan have requested that the pole be taken down or moved far from the border.

People deriving much of their livelihood from the sea endure extraordinary risks. Storms, while an aggravation to in-landers, can spell absolute disaster to those on coastlines. For instance, in 1881 there was a catastrophic storm that struck Shetland (Islands). It is estimated that at least 80% of the men and boys of age 12 and older died one afternoon when a tempest struck suddenly and horrifically.

Most giraffes develop two nubby horns (ossicones) and seem to be content with that number. Then we have the Rothchild’s giraffes which characteristically show off with five ossicones. I should imagine those extra nubby horns tend to make one quite vain. Well, be wary of tall flag poles and be nice to your friends that have a deficiency of ossicones.

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